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The Shattered City echoes to the outrage of Celemnis, Swordmaiden of the Argent Sisterhood, whose magical blades defend the city even though none are left to wield them. All who hear her banshee screams clutch at their throats, suffocated by a well of sorrow so profound they can do nought but drown in it.[2a]

Celemnis was once a weaponsmith renowned across Anvrok and beyond. The daughter of a Ninemage, she poured body and soul into each creation, threading a single hair from her russet locks into the heart of each blade so it could cut through spirit as well as flesh. Yet fate was to play a cruel trick on Celemnis. Her workshop was torn apart by Chaos invaders, its steelworkers slain to a man. When she refused the advances of Ephryx, the sorcerer ordered her boiled alive in a cauldron of molten silver. Her vengeful ghost haunts the Shattered City to this day, howling in grief at those who trespass upon her realm.[2a]