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Celestial Warbringers: The Fate-Favored

"The Seers of War, Masters of Portent, the Mystical Eye" The Celestial Warbringers are a force like no other in Sigmar’s Stormhosts, for they have the ability to foresee the manner of their own deaths. Such god-given foresight makes for brave warriors and gifted seers, and their might at arms is matched by their prowess in storm magic

For the battle seers of the Celestial Warbringers, there is no greater joy than righteous conflict. This Stormhost is tight-knit, for each of its number hails from the same mystical tribe – a clan of bold warriors who claim to have foresight of their own unique doom

Laughing as they plunge into battle, the fearlessness and audacity of the Warbringers has persisted even after their reforging. Though they can be dismissive of outsiders, their bonds of brotherhood make them lively companions at a feast. To a man who truly believes his final death will come another day, no foe is too daunting.

The Celestial Warbringers were the first Stormhost of the Second Striking to be founded. They have more Sacrosanct Chambers than most of Sigmar’s Stormhosts, for they seek to make the most use of the celestial portents. At the command of their spiritual leader, the grand seer known as the Golden Patriarch, their Lord-Ordinators garrison a great many Warscryer Citadels across the lands. Of late, this Stormhost has sought not only to scry its own fate, but that of entire nations, the better to save them from the twin scourges of Chaos and Death. The Celestial Warbringers are sometimes known as Sigmar’s Spear – named for the blinding lightning that carries them to war, and is said to presage each strike. Those of weak will who see these streaks of light are already half-beaten by fear when the Celestial Warbringers launch their assault.


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