Each chamber is presided over by the chamber command, an assemblage of lords and knights that have proved themselves exceptional leaders in the Gladitorium – and in their mortal lives before that.

The heroes at the head of each Strike Chamber often form a council known as the Lords of the Storm. The group is led by a Lord-Celestant, a gifted warrior and strategist who typically has around three hundred Stormcast Eternals under his command. Each Lord-Celestant answers to their Stormhost’s Lord-Commander and Command Echelon, who in turn answer to the Celestant-Prime – and, ultimately, to Sigmar himself. They are supported by a Lord-Relictor, a priest of Sigmar able to call upon the blessings of the tempest. Though Strike Chambers may deviate in the precise makeup of their command, they typically include Lord-Castellants, masters of defensive warfare; Knights-Vexillor , who hold the standards of the Stormcast high; and Knights-Heraldor, whose stentorian tones and sonorous war-horns announce the coming of the chamber that marches in their wake.

Other officers, such as the messenger Knights-Azyros and the seekers of evil known as Lord-Veritants, are given leave to pursue their arts on quests that take them far from the main body of their kin. In times of need, however, they will fight as part of a cogent whole.

The orders of these highly-ranked individuals are communicated to the retinues by the unit leaders known as primes. A retinue of Liberators is united under a Liberator-Prime, for instance, who gives the instructions of the chamber command to their fellows. A prime is usually marked out with embellishments on their armour, such as a coloured plume and elaborate helm or pauldron. They will sometimes carry a particularly powerful weapon or artefact in battle.

Other chambers have bespoke chamber commands that complement their role. A Vanguard Chamber will be led by a Lord-Aquilor, supported by a small group of knights, so that its autonomous and fluid structure can remain focused no matter how far-flung its constituent elements. An Extremis Chamber is led by a Lord-Celestant mounted upon a mighty star-beast, along with three Drakesworn Templars that lead the Dracothian Guard to war. The Sacrosanct Chamber has a far more esoteric command structure, as befits those whose expertise is more of the soul than the body.

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