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The chariots of the Chaos hosts are brutal war engines that strike with a crushing impact. Sturdy constructions pulled to battle by muscular destriers, Chaos Chariots are driven pell-mell towards the enemy lines, the lashing whips of their charioteers spurring them forward so their momentum can shatter a shield wall like dry tinder.[1a]


A unit of Chaos Chariots consists of any number of members. Each chariot is an imposing fighting platform drawn by a pair of War Steeds that attack with their Roughshod Hooves, and is driven by a charioteer who cracks a Lashing Whip at any who draw near. A second charioteer wields a hell-forged weapon; some might carry Chaos Greatblades, while others prefer Chaos War-flails. The leader of this unit is the Exalted Charioteer.[1a]