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Lumbering and snarling into battle come the Crypt Horrors. Their flesh stuck through with jagged bones and dripping blades, these are the knights of their court. Armed not with sword and steed, but claw and fang, they are monstrous beasts, though loyal and eager to serve their lord in battle.[1]


Despite their hunched forms, Crypt Horrors loom above their smaller brethren, each one a monster of pale flesh and twisted bone. Hideously strong, they rip organs right out of their victims, stuffing shining handfuls of offal into their dripping maws. Crypt Horrors were once ghouls who have been fed vampire blood by their Abhorrant Ghoul King, and as a result, have been given a larger, stronger form by the power of dark sorcery.[1a]

In the depths of their delusion, Crypt Horrors believe themselves to be heroicknights charging into battle clad in shining plate. As befits their role within the court, they are often the first to the fight, sprinting out ahead of the king’s foot soldiers to crash into the midst oftheir enemies. Here, their supernatural resilience and prodigious strength are put to good use, each sweep of their claws opening throats and shattering shields. Return attacks have little effect, the Crypt Horrors’ own bodies quickly healing mortal wounds, even closing around their enemy’s blades.These regenerative powers are a gift of the abhorrant’s blood that runs in their veins, though it comes at a price.Their muscles and bones are constantly twisting and growing, spines from their ribs and backs forcing their way through flesh, just as their talons and teeth push their way free of fingers and gums. Only the attentions of the king’s Abattoir keeps their growth in check, the bones regularly harvested to make trophies for the king’s men.[1a]

Crypt Horrors are routinely honoured for their service by the king and his courtiers, and they will be offered tokens of the court’s appreciation. Prized skulls, decaying limbs and crude bone weapons are presented to the Crypt Horrors as trophies, and the most decorated might even rise in the ranks to become Crypt Haunters and take leadership of a Crypt Horror pack. Crypt Horrors lovingly care for these gifts, which they see as pennants, shining armour or swords. They may even claim such spoils in battle, and relieve their victims of burdens like their arms or spines. The Crypt Horror may shove its newly acquired trophy, still dripping with gore, through its skin or down its maw, or it may turn it against its former owner.[1a]


A unit of Crypt Horrors will fight to the midst of their enemies with Clubs and Septic Talons.[1b]