Transfigured as a reward for their service as mortal champions of Chaos, Daemon Princes are vast in stature, their gigantic frames twisted into shapes more pleasing to the masters that claim their allegiance for all eternity. Tirelessly they hunt the enemies of Chaos from one realm to another, for their meat is mortal flesh and their wine the stuff of souls.[1a]


A Daemon Prince cleaves the foe with a Daemonic Axe or Hellforged Sword and rends them apart with its Malefic Talons. Some Daemon Princes have been blessed with the ability to fly. Khorne Daemon Princes, their veins running with liquid fire, are blood-crazed champions. Nurgle Daemon Princes are bloated with disease, and are unnaturally resistant to harm. Tzeentch Daemon Princes are surrounded by a nimbus of magical light. A Tzeentch Daemon Prince is a wizard, and knows the Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield Spells. Slaaneshi Daemon Princes are impossibly quick.[1a]

Notable Daemon Princes


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