Dakkbad Grotkicker is the Megaboss of the Ironsunz warclan, and one of the leaders of the armies of Ironjawz that follow Gordrakk.[1]


Dakkbad is as cunning as a double-edged choppa. Part of Gordrakk’s Megafist, he is one of the Fist of Gork’s Megabosses. Dakkbad’s own warclan, the Ironsunz, are always at the forefront of Gordrakk’s growing Waaagh! where the fighting is toughest. Dakkbad has earned the name Grotkicker for his underhanded, even sneaky, plans. The Megaboss has been exerting his dominance over the other bosses in the Megafist, trying to prove he is the best orruk to stand at Gordrakk’s side. During his rise, he has maimed dozens of other bosses. His favoured tactic is to collect their fingers when he takes their boys, feeding the green digits to his Maw-krusha Skullzcrakka. Most recently, Dakkbad has been looking for the Megaboss Grugek, after Grugek made off with his favourite boss choppa. At least, Dakkbad thinks it was one of his; boss choppas have a habit of looking quite similar. Either way, he plans to have some ‘words’ with Grugek and get back that choppa – or carve a new one out of Grugek’s armour.[1b]

Dakkbad Grotkicker carries with him the skull of the legendary Chaos Lord Felgraen Hexflayer, so no one will ever forget just how hard he is. Skullzcrakka wears armour painted in similar colours to his master, and his red and black scale colouration mean he was probably reared in the trackless wilderness somewhere deep within fiery Aqshy.[1a]


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