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Long and bloody is the path to glory, a twisting and treacherous road along which the champions of Khorne must fight every step of the way. Yet for those that prevail mighty rewards await, for to the bold go the Blood God’s blessings.[1a]


In the heart of battle, the Deathbringer wins glory in the eyes of Khorne. His axe crunches through armour, flesh and bone. Blood jets as the dying scream their last, while severed heads thump to the ground to be crushed beneath brass-shod boots. The Deathbringer's furious bellows rise above it all, blending howled challenges to his foes with oaths of devotion to the Blood God.[1a]

Warriors of every stripe turn to the worship of Khorne. Many are born into his hordes, or are forced into taking the dark feast by conquering Bloodreavers. Some may even be heroes who have fought long and hard against the hordes of Chaos, only for the killing to eclipse all that they are. However it happens, once a mortal has dedicated themselves to Khorne’s worship there is no going back.[1a]

Some champions fight their way to power and greatness. Most, however, face a short and brutal life of battle, followed by a violent death. Those Bloodbound who survive this horrific winnowing process are destined to take up the mantle of the Deathbringer. These are Khorne’s chosen, and they are amongst the most dangerous warriors in the realms.[1a]

The worshippers of Khorne care little for formalised ranks. However, most Deathbringers are broadly recognised as Aspiring Deathbringers, while the truly great amongst them are known as Exalted Deathbringers. Each Mighty Lord of Khorne has at least one Exalted Deathbringer within his Gorechosen, to act as the lord’s second.[1a]

This relationship is a strained one; while each Exalted Deathbringer is without doubt one of the mightiest lieutenants upon which the Lord of Khorne can call, they are also the lord’s greatest rivals for power. However, just as the Mighty Lord of Khorne must watch for the Deathbringer's challenge at all times, so must he in turn be ever wary for the threat posed by the Aspiring Deathbringers who fight in his shadow. Such is the way with Khorne. Taking the skull of even the most powerful allies pleases the Blood God greatly, for he cares not from where the blood flows.[1a]

Known Deathbringers

  • Dravek Daemonfist - Exalted Deathbringer.[1]
  • Selkhara the Black - Aspiring Deathbringer.[1]


Some Exalted Deathbringers wield a Ruinous Axe and carry a Skullgouger, while others enter battle armed with a Bloodbite Axe and carrying a Runemarked Shield. An Aspiring Deathbringer is armed with a Bloodaxe and a Wrath-hammer.[1b][1c]