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"I have made grist of his enemies, for the mills of heaven."

—Nyoka Su'al'gohl, War-Priestess of Sigmar

The Devoted of Sigmar serve as the clergy and lay agents of the church of Sigmar, the god of civilisation and progress, in the Mortal Realms.

Folk throughout the Mortal Realms have faith in the God-King, but the Devoted of Sigmar, as many of the most devout of his followers are called, are made up of the fanatically loyal, with worshippers native to his home realm of Azyr thought to be the most zealous.

Some of the Devoted dedicate their lives to inspiring others and preaching the Word of Sigmar, while the majority are of a far more warlike bent, as befits the followers of a martial deity. So holy and pure is their faith that their blood cleanses the taint of Chaos from the soil of the realm where it falls.

A few of the worthiest amidst the Devoted are magically empowered by the God-King for the purity of their faith. Their prayers are able to heal injuries, steel the hearts of those about them to face impossible odds, and burn the enemies of Sigmar's folk, causing grievous wounds to the followers of the Dark Gods.

The Devoted of Sigmar come in as many different forms as there are denominations. From the disciplined warrior priests of the orthodox Azyrite church and its offshoots to the crazed flagellants who thrash themselves with barbed whips, howling hymns and catechisms before hurling themselves into battle.

Though some are bombastic orators, while others are austere manipulators, all are deadly to the foes of the God-King and his chosen people.


The Devoted of Sigmar are guided by faith and fanaticism in equal measure. For centuries during the Age of Myth, Sigmar walked among the men of the Mortal Realms, and countless human cultures devoted themselves to his teachings, body and soul. They followed him in peace, and in times of war, against foes both mortal and immortal.

When Sigmar was forced to abandon the realms to the depredations of Chaos, many of his faithful followed him into exile in the Celestial Realm, but others turned from his light.

The prayers of the few remaining faithful outside of Azyr went unheard for generations, until Sigmar's Tempest swept across the Mortal Realms to mark the dawn of the Age of Sigmar. Now, once again, the faithful war in the God-King's name, purifying the realms with fire and iron.

Goals and Ideals

Dedication to the God-King and all his works is central to the Sigmarite faith, though each worshipper follows the God-King, and seeks to ensure his triumph over darkness in their own ways.

For some, this means peaceful teaching of the Sigmarite creed, which they seek to promulgate to every corner of existence. For most, this means conversion by the sword.

Sigmar's blessed priests wield his magical gifts openly to shore up the faithful and strike down the God-King's enemies. While in the shadows, the inquisitorial Order of Azyr seeks out corruption and destroys heretics wherever they may be found.

Spreading the Sigmarite creed is the main concern of the Devoted of Sigmar, though some are specifically dedicated to reclaiming sacred Sigmarite sites and holy relics lost during the Age of Chaos. Many will seek out agents of suitable faith and willingness to act on their behalf. Trusted agents might be employed to escort high-ranking church officials on secret errands, or even to commit acts of murder and sabotage on behalf of the faithful.

The Order of Azyr exists to destroy threats to Sigmar's faithful both within his empire and without, and many of its inquisitors employ extensive networks of agents from all walks of life and backgrounds in order to achieve their goals.


The Azyrite church and the culture of Azyr are near one in the same: both bastions of Sigmarite tradition and bureaucracy. Nominally led by the Arch War-Priestess Asvai Stormwright from her seat in Azyrheim; lay priests oversee the day-to-day running of the church.

However, some faithful throughout the realms follow their own cults or sects with their own dogma, which may differ from Azyrite traditions and the "orthodox" version of the Sigmarite faith.

In strict contrast, members of the Order of Azyr are said to answer to Sigmar alone -- though in truth there is still much politicking even within that order.

While some agents of the Order of Azyr hold themselves to a high ethical and moral standard, others favour a more pragmatic outlook in their pursuit of the threats posed by the servants of the Dark Gods, both within and without Sigmar's domains.


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