When the time comes for the Vostarg lodge to march into battle, Dhurgan can always be found amongst the front lines. An Auric Runesmiter, Dhurgan chants the war songs of Grimnir, putting battle-fire in the hearts of all Fyreslayers close enough to hear or see him. Once immersed in the press of close combat, the spirit of his warrior-god fills his being, coursing through his veins like magma, igniting the brazier atop his latch-axe with a fierce fire that cannot be quelled till the last axe blow has fallen. Runes of ur-gold that have been seared into the lodge’s flesh glow with his every harsh dirge, filling the duardin warriors with the fierce might of their indomitable god. A personal favourite of both Runemaster Vaegor and of Runefather Bael-Grimnir, Dhurgan typically fights nearest the Runefather’s personal bodyguard, the Vosguard – the most skilled Hearthguard Berzerkers in the Vostarg lodge. When it can be roused from its magma chamber, Dhurgan rides his ancient Magmadroth, Skarung the Glowerwyrm, and together they have kept pace with the most powerful fighters in the lodge.[1a]


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