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"As axes and hammers, wrought by legendary craftsman, crush the foe, Khazalid war-hymns boom from the mouths of the Dispossessed. Overhead, expertly engineered guns roar their death-rattle, destroying the enemy with ease. The rage of aeons of accumulated grudges are unleashed as these tenacious Duardin set forth from their indestructible mountain holds to destroy those who wish them dead and reclaim that of which they have lost."


The grudges of the duardin known as the Dispossessed shall be settled with the coming of the Age of Sigmar to the Mortal Realms.

The Dispossessed are a faction of the duardin people who are primarily the descendants of the refugees who fled the many settlements of the Khazalid Empire during the Age of Chaos. A great many settled in Azyr, the Realm of Heavens, alongside the forces of Sigmar as one of the Free Peoples following the Battle of Burning Skies.

Their clans now live among the Cities of Sigmar, in new holds of their own creation, or remain in ancient karaks from the Age of Myth that they have reclaimed in the Age of Sigmar or that never fell to the dark tide of Archaon the Everchosen.

Wherever they have chosen to settle, the Dispossessed remain a proud, defiant and stubborn people. Having fled to Azyr during the Age of Chaos, these spiritual descendants of the Khazalid Empire have proved invaluable to the forces of Order.

It was by their hand that much of Azyr in its present state was built, and it is the walls and fortifications they raise that shield Sigmar's empire from the predations of the forces of Chaos, Death and Destruction.

Even the Stormkeeps of the Stormcast Eternals are constructed by these legendary masons.

The Dispossessed are not mere builders, however, and when called to war by the God-King, the serried ranks of their warriors form an impenetrable wall of gromril.

Warden Kings rally hardy, armoured troops to batter down the foe with axe and warhammer, while Runesmiths turn sorceries aside and ignite powerful runes upon the arms and armour of their allies.

If that pompous beardling Nagash, the god of death, thinks that he has what it takes to tear down the works of the Duardin, then let him come break himself upon them!


During the Age of Chaos, the Duardin of the Khazalid Empire that did not flee to the sky as the Kharadron Overlords did, or become mercenary warriors of flame like the Fyreslayers, hunkered down in their mighty fortresses, or were forced into exile in Azyr, the Realm of Heavens, where they sought refuge among the people of Sigmar after the Battle of Burning Skies. These Duardin are known as the Dispossessed.

Now they seek to reclaim all their ancient holds and to strike grudges from the Great Book of Grudges, a tome containing every slight upon the Duardin that must be repaid in gold or blood.

They are smiths, masons, gold shapers, miners, gem cutters and warriors, and there are grudges, each to be settled with axe, hammer, shield and a tough suit of gromril.

They are the faction of the Duardin that most resembles the ancient ancestral Dwarfs of the World-That-Was, and who now are filled with the grief of their loss and infuriated by the wrongs done upon them. They read from their great Book of Grudges, and send forth hosts of gromril-clad warriors to reclaim what is theirs.

They shall not yield until they take back all their ancient mountain holds, and can return to the state of power seen only in the Age of Myth. Vengeance is upon those that oppose them and death is the forfeit for their crimes.


Grungni is the thane of the Ancestor Gods and is worshipped by all Duardin equally. As the patron of metalwork and masonry, it was he who taught his sons the fundamental (Duardin) skills. Without him the great halls of the Duardin race would be barren and jagged and their tools, armour and all other things of metal would be misshapen.

According to Duardin lore, he crafted many of the greatest relics of his race, including the Throne of Power. (Which has been protected within the halls of Karaz-a-Karak) When the time was right, he lead his people to war with Chaos after its incursion in the Old World. He is melded (equivalent of married) to Vhulkhaya and father of Grednir, Morgrim and Thungni. His commandments read as:

-Always strive to advance the clan or Throng’s reputation through solid workmanship.

-Always ensure that any tunnel, chamber or structure is structurally sound.

-Render repair upon any such structure when it becomes unsafe.

-Never surrender to the enemies of Duardin.

-Never refuse the opportunity to regain control of a Duardin-hold that has fallen to the enemy.

-Never miss the opportunity to do what you like doing best as long as it is good for all Duardin and follows the law - commit yourself to your craft.


Vhulkhaya is the goddess of gold, mining, home and healing. This Duardin goddess is also very powerful. She is worshipped (more frequently than others) by Duardin goldsmiths and miners who pray to her before starting a project or going down a mine. There are in many places’ altars to Vhulkhayâ near mine entrances. In a Duardin’s personal chambers, a miniature altar is placed on a bedside as a blessing to their living-space and many taverns boast a statue of her resemblance. (*Note here that Duardin women look the same as the men*) She founded many of the original Duardin holds, such as Karak-a-Karaz and Karak-Eight-Peaks. Her commandments read as:

-Always work a mine to extract all ore and valuable stone to enhance the well being of the clan and race.

-Never be wasteful of the earth’s mineral bounty.

-Always provide aid to a wounded or ailing Duardin - if possible.

-Always assist a friend in need.

-Always attend the needs of the young.

-Always protect fellow Duardin from harm, especially at the hands of a Duardin enemy.

-Never knowingly distribute or sell spoiled drink or food.


Grimnir is the god of battle and warriors and grudges. Widely worshipped by the Duardin before battle and Fyreslayers pray primarily to him. Most Fyreslayers, in-fact have his rune hammered into their flesh. Some axes and war hammers, shields and se-axes have an Ur-golden or Nor-golden rune that follows the design of his. This god is Grûngni’s brother. Grimnir’s commandments read as:

-Always press home an attack whenever so ordered by a veteran or commander.

-Remain steadfast in defence whenever the enemy vigorously attacks.

-Always assist a fallen comrade-in-arms.

-Keep possession of the battlefield no matter how the conflict resolves.

-Slay as many Duardin enemies possible.


The goddess Grednir is a lover of crystals and ore, whether they be diamonds or emeralds. Those Duardin who worship Grednir primarily wear many crystals in their beards and on their armour. They enjoy shaping crystals and pray to this goddess before starting on a project. She survived into the Age of Sigmar, her commandments read as:

-Never knowingly produce an object that is less than the best you could make; to do so dishonours Grednir, the craft and yourself.

-Never make an object for any non-Duardin who has not first proved their worth and loyalty to the Duardin race.

-Work only with the best tools you can afford; your craft deserve the best.


Son of Grungni and Vhulkhaya and co-creator of the Khazalid runes, Thungni is the patron of runesmithing. Runesmiths follow his teachings to the letter- if not they would be performing Magik. (which is deemed a horrible crime by Duardin.) Though it is not known how, Thungni kept the knowledge of his craft. His commandments read as:

-Never reveal the secrets of Runesmithing to any but your chosen apprentices and trustworthy Duardin.

-Never allow a Rune-forged item to fall into the hands of the enemy, even if it means the object is lost or destroyed.

-Always investigate rumours of lost Rune-forged items and recover them if possible.

-Never allow any non-Duardin who has somehow acquired the knowledge of Runesmithing to pass on their knowledge- this includes humans who style themselves as Rune-masters.

-Never allow one’s reputation to be sullied by poor craftsmanship.


Morgrim, the god of engineering and technology, was born an engineer, creating new ways of performing simple tasks so the Duardin do what they wanted to do more often. He taught many others his craft but had no children, unlike the other Duardin Ancestor Gods -- instead engulfing himself in his craft.

Upon his helm an Endrinkuli-Dok or "engineers-eye" can be flipped down to inspect inventions. None but Morgrim himself knows how it works and it is the only secret he has ever kept. Engineers like those of the Ironweld Arsenal respect him and worship him before all others. Surviving through the Age of Chaos with Gazul in the underworld of Vhulkhul, his commandments to his faithful are:

-Any who sells or dishonours engineering secrets must be brought to Duardin justice and under Duardin law.

-Craft every item to its highest degree, those that don’t dishonour the craft.

-Uncontrolled or dangerous innovations must not be undertaken, particularly not to the detriment of craftsmanship.

-Do not create tensions with other engineers out of jealousy or misjudgement- accusations must be true or else shame upon thee who have made these accusations.

-All construction phases of an engineer’s craft must be accompanied by the recital of the appropriate guild litanies and incantations.

-Make use of broken or failed inventions if possible.


The god of the Duardin underworld Vhulkhul, and brother of Grungni and Grimnir, it is Gazul's duty to find every Duardin soul and put them in the Duardin afterlife.

There they can rest, carry on with their craft and live in leisure. Many Duardin believe he only ever let two humans into Vhulkhûl, their names where Belaghost and Berendor and where good friends of Gazul. His commandments read as:

-Always oppose defilers of the dead, especially Necromancers.

-Never refuse to perform burial rites of those who perish.

-Never disturb the tombs of the dead when they are newly blessed.

-Always bury the Duardin dead in tombs of stone, gold, metal and gem.

Holy Days and Calendar


Khazadreg - 30 days

Darazdreg - 31 days

Vhurendreg - 31 days

Gorondreg - 30 days

Rhorundreg - 31 days

Thrundreg - 31 days

Borondreg - 31 days

Derendreg - 30 days

Thungdreg - 31 days

Morgromdreg - 30 days

Damdreg - 30 days

Gazdreg - 30 days

Grungdreg - 1 day









Day of Remembrance: Held every 100 days, this is the day to venerate the Ancestors. Each throng venerates an Ancestor, as well as one from their own clan and another from their immediate family.

Grungni's holy days are every 7th of Grungdreg, where Grungni and the Ancestors are venerated.

Grimnir's day is situated on the 7th of Damdreg, where grudges are read out of the Dammaz Kron (the Book of Grudges) and Slayers have the chance to be forgiven. On this day, warriors are also officially registered into the Throng's army, and Grimnir is venerated.

Vhulkhaya's day is one full of joyous feasting and drinking. Held on the 7th of Vhurendreg, Vhulkhaya is venerated.

Gazul's day is one of sombre celebration of the dead where Gazul and the Ancestors are venerated. It is on the 7th of Gazdreg.

Morgrim's day is celebrated on the 7th of Morgromdreg. Engineers are celebrated along with Morgrim and the Ancestors.

Thungni's day is on the 7th of Thungdreg, where great rune-crafted fireworks are set loose and Thungni and the Runesmithing is venerated.

Grednir's day is on the 7th of Gorondreg, where gemcutting and Grednir is venerated.

The common holidays are as followed: each Holy day is a holiday, as well as from the 2nd of Darazdreg to the 16th of the same month; from the 4th of Borondreg to the 30th of that month; 6th Derendreg to the 20th of Derendreg. Week long holidays include: 2nd of Rhorundreg and the 1st of Khazadreg (celebrating the New Year).


Tough, stubborn and capable of forging powerful weapons out of the strongest metal (called Gromril) the Dispossessed are fearsome warriors on the battlefield. Many a great army has been crushed beneath the boots of these warriors as they charge again and again at the foe with unparalleled rage. It is important that a mountain hold have a militia (or drangthrong in khazalid) because of their cut-off from most of Sigmar's allies. Surrounding them on all sides are relentless tides of greenskins, skaven and the forces of chaos. Even some of the factions that make up the forces of Order have a hate for the Dispossessed and vice-versa. These include the Aelves. Here will be listed the units of the tenacious sons of Grungni that defend their kin gladly.


Ironbreakers: (Irkhonbraki) Forming the backbone of any Dispossessed drangthrong are the Ironbreakers. Although slow moving due to their Gromril armour, they can create an impenetrable wall of shields that none many break themselves upon - all the while being hacked to pieces by sturdy axes and maimed by strong hammers.

Irondrakes: (Irkhondrakki) Having proven their skills after years of serving as an Ironbreaker, these are specially chosen Duardin who wield massive cannon-like drakeguns. As devastating as they are magnificent, these weapons fire alchemist liquid at the enemy, burning through the target as if covered in acid. Others hold similarly designed arms that release grudge-hammer torpedoes at the foe - ripping apart their formations with ease.

Longbeards: (Lang-gromi) Old and venerable, these experianced Dispossessed still wish to fight for kith and kin. In their wrinkled hands they hold either two-handed axes or a shield and an axe. Such is their casual fighting style that Longbeards grumble as they kill - causing many of their allies to rally and attack again.

Hammerers: (Grundi) Bodyguards and gatekeepers, these Duardin protect their liege with unfaltering pride - even when the situation is dark. Many battles have been won by these double-handed hammer-wielding warriors for they commit every ounce of wrath into each blow.

Dispossessed Warriors: (Drazdani) Clans-Duardin who will happily fight for their hold, these units can turn the tide of many confrontations with ease.

Thunderers: (Thrundi) Firing shot after shot that knocks foe after foe to the ground, these handgun users fire deadly salvos of rounds. Tearing apart large units with well crafted bullets that are imbued with runecraft, these are mighty warriors indeed.

Quarrellers: (Drazdandreki) Crossbowmen that can let loose dangerous quarrels that implant themselves in all the weak parts of an enemy - punching through armour and flesh with ease. Many a hardened group of veteran Quarrellers have spelled the demise of their enemy.


Grombrindal, the White Dwarf: When Caledor the Phoenix King broke his promise to Grombrindal Whitebeard and began the War of Vengeance, the recently deceased High-Thane tore his soul from the Duardin underworld of Vhulkhul and exacted his revenge against the treacherous Aelf. He appears wherever the plight of the Duardin is high and obliterates the foe they face, no matter their number. Uncountable wars have seen his axe and all that have had ended in a great Duardin victory. In each hand he holds twin axes - once belonging to Grimnir - to cut and slice his opponent to ribbons. No beast is too powerful to escape his blows and, in the end, when the battle is one and his duty is fulfilled, the fabled White Dwarf disappears from the bloodied field.

This is a day to strike many grudges from the great book, for I am the White Dwarf, and only worthy folk appear in my pages...So let us record great deeds this day, and give these greenskinned scum a right royal hammerin'! ---Grombrindal

Warden King: Ancient Duardin who lead their fellows into battle, these legendary fighters are renowned within a hold. As they stand upon a rune-stone they smash their enemy into messy pulps with ease, blocking returned blows with a shield and swiping back with a hammer. Encased within Gromril armour, these heroes can withstand the mightiest denizens of the mortal-realms.

Runelord: Using scientific abilities that can (instead of twisting reality, like magik) bends reality only slightly to cause their kin's runes - welded onto their armour - to empower them and destroy the enemy forces. Holding runes aloft in tongs, Runesmiths strike them to cast lightning upon the foe as they chant prayers and hymns.

Unforged: Filled with unquenchable fury, these Duardin were driven mad by constant war and now kill for the pleasure of striking grudges from the Dammaz kron. A bald apart from a large Mohawk and even larger beard, all who face this warrior are destroyed.

Notable Dispossessed

*Note* This does not include Duardin from before the Age of Sigmar.

Bryn Irkon-Grungron - Translated to Bryn Ironforge, this Duardin defended his parents' mountain hold during the Age of Chaos. Then leading a huge accumulation of Duardin to Karak Irkhon (the Iron Hills) he reclaimed it back from Chaos worshipping humans and demons as well as orruks.

Bryn - Once serving a Warden King, Bryn then joined Order of Azyr to protect the city of Hammerhal Ghyra. His reasons for this are unknown but most suspect Bryn thought he owed Sigmar payment for his protection within the walls of the god-king's kingdom. Once - along with Witch-hunter Gage, a White Lion Aelf and a Stormcast Eternal - defeated a Tzeentch uprising within the city.

Kazrug - This Duardin is a warrior champion who fought with Witch-hunter Toll.

Grundri Dammaz-Undi - Translated to Grundri Grudge-guard in Khazalid. Thane Grundri held back the tides of enemies for centuries, along with the other Duardin who did not flee to Azyr. Only a small portion of the Dispossessed's lands had not been taken and war was on every border. It was Grundri who ordered a colossal wall to be built that stretched the perimeter of his Throng's domain. Despite great hardships he and his peoples endured.

Brundgi Durak-Duraz - Translated to Brundgi Hard-stone in Khazalid. High-Thane of the Dispossessed at the present time in the Eight Realms (751st Age in Duardin reckoning.) She once killed a god-beast under the control of orruks with only a ranger's flare. In another battle, she slew the Aelf dragon Awanaril. Although born with only one hand (that is now replaced by a mechanical one that was forged by Bryn Irkon-Grungron) Brundgi is a master mason. Legend tells that she built the walls of Surianor in Azyr. With a striking beard of blonde, Brundgi is an imposing figure on a battlefield.

Idenkor Stonbrak- A travelling merchant of venerable age, Idenkor has been everywhere in the Mortal Realms in order to sell his wares to uncountable customers.

Vrendrun Gromril-Ghal - Durin a siege of his hold of Karak Ungor, he did battle with a monstrous wyvern, half of this Duardin's skull was ripped off. Covered in grisly blood and mortally wounded, Vrendrun closed his eyes as death took him. And yet he woke in a dimly lit hospital hall where he had earlier been treated. Due to his stubborn refusal to die, Vrendrun had been able to endure a dangerous surgical operation that replaced the Thane's scalp with Gromril plate. Therefore, he earned the name Gromril-Skull. Determined to slay the wyvern, Vrendrun charged out of his mountain home to kill it. Eventually, after almost two days of continuous fighting, the beast lay dead.

Galin Uzkul-Uzkuli - It is a rare throng of Duardin who live within the Realm of Shyish, but of-course, in every realm the Duardin have a foothold - whether it be great or small. Due to the underworld of the Dispossessed being in a semi-realm instead of Shyish, Nagash: ruler of the realm, has no love for Duardin. Surviving for ages uncounted in the mortal lands of the Amethyst Realm, Galin's throng held strong. However, one fateful day, the volcano at the centre of their mountain range erupted - sending ash clouds into the air. In seconds all the Duardin were covered in the dust. Since the Realm of Death is such a magically dependant realm, the dust keeps the Duardin outside of time itself. However, all of this race have a tenacious character that allows even those who have been mortally wounded refuse to die and the Duardin emerged from their slumber, only to find hordes of the Undead at their gates. Galin single-handedly killed the vampire count leading the charge against the Dispossessed and the fell creatures zombie dragon.

Inventions of the Dispossessed and Ironweld Arsenal

Many a great machine has been wrought to defend the scattered homelands of the Dispossessed. Though some include mere catapults and thunderous cannons, Gyrobombers, Gyrocopters and Steam Tanks are amongst their greatest works of ingenuity.


This Duardin driven machine is a marvel of craft, powered by a special make of ale for fuel, it has evolved over time from a flimsy skeleton of a structure, to an ironclad bastion of genius invention.


Unlike their cousins the Gyrocopters, this type of aircraft does not only rely on guns alone. Nay, instead they are also fitted with Grudge-buster bombs, to drop on the enemy with devastating effect.


This is a great, heavily armoured tank, powered by steam and run by an ingenious assortment of cogs and pistons. Fitted with cannons, steam guns, repeater handguns and a long rifle, a commander may sit in one's cockpit and lead their army to victory.

Cities of Sigmar and the Dispossessed

When those that had sought refuge in the halls of Azyr returned, some Dispossessed built and occupied great cities in Eight Realms. Though still many reclaimed their mountain holds of old, these cities boomed with life. Aelf, Duardin and Human alike stand in those places, without as much enmity as before. If it is for the good of the realms, then these races will do it, but to their own agenda.

*This has been added to represent the lore just produced by Games Workshop's Cities of Sigmar battletome, where all the older factions, like the Free Cities, the Dispossessed and a number of Aelven armies were grouped together, so as to give them updated rules. (And - controversially - take out a number of older models). Due to the fact that theses races have been grouped together for a week and then separated out as different ranges constantly, this section's information might be out of date. In the lore perhaps it represents these three 'original' factions having messy political alliances.*

Language of the Dispossessed: Khazalid

For the entire dictionary (still growing) and how to pronounce and read Khazalid: Duardin Language

Duardin Womenfolk and Marriage

Duardin women have beards as great as their male counterparts, and take part in much the same roles in society. It is not rare for for there to be Duardin queens. They too are named Thane. Marriage (or melding as it is named by Duardin) works as an oath and is less frequent in Duardin society than human's. Many choose not to become melded.

Hierarchy and societal structure

Dispossessed populate the mountain holds as of old, withstanding the ages with the aid of stone and metal. Each Throng inhabits a mountain range, the Throng is led by a Thane. Clans make up a throng, each a collection of extended families as well as even those who share no relation in blood. Clans are represented in the Thane's council by their Thorgald, who is elected by the clan.


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