The duardin of the Scarred Isle have long raised their tankards to the honour of Dorryc Claimblade. Famous for quenching the unfinished Everblade in the blood of the orruk warlord Ghostkilla, Claimblade was a priest with a warrior’s soul. When the Varanguard invaded Dorryc’s homelands, he was deeply affected by the massacre that followed. His runesight had shown him the presence of ur-gold upon the Varanguard warriors, priceless nuggets worn as jewellery or even incorporated into the baroque weapons and armour they carried to war. There had been so much of it that Claimblade was driven to the edge of madness by the sight. Thinking it his divine duty to recover the ur-gold, he resolved to lure the Varanguard into a series of traps and ambushes, drawing them to the crescent isle so the Fyreslayers could slaughter them and take the priceless metal from their corpses. His plan was ambitious, bold and lethal. It would see the stain of death spread across the lands.[1a]


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