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Vandus Hammerhand, riding his Dracoth Calanax.

Dracoths are highly intelligent creatures of the celestial realm, and are sometimes taken by Lord-Celestants to serve as mounts. They hunt in packs across the Realm of Azyr, but are rarely spotted in other realms. Though similar to dragons in appearance, they are mighty celestial beings with mythical powers. There are many legends told throughout Azyr about these noble reptilian beasts – their extreme loyalty and fierce disposition are renowned. Dracoths are powerful beasts, their massive fangs and steel-hard claws able to tear apart the largest prey. As mystic creatures of Azyr, they have the ability to absorb celestial energies, spitting them forth as lightning – a storm-breath roar that cracks like thunder. They also don't die like mortals and instead return to the heavens to be reborn.

Though they are savage creatures, once befriended they serve with tireless devotion. When forging the Stormcast Eternals, Dracothion saw that they would need assistance and pledged the Dracoths as steads, provided they could prove their worth. The first person to tame a Dracoth was Vandus Hammerhand, who rides the Dracoth Calanax.

The relationship between Dracoths and Stardrakes is unknown; some believe they are both children of Dracothion, while others believe Dracoths are immature Stardrakes that will eventually return to the heavens to complete their metamorphosis.