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Whipping across the heavens, the tail of the great star drake Dracothion is said to mirror the mood of Azyr itself. Within the stars of this vast constellation dwell the armies of the Scar-Veteran Quar-Toc, known as the Fury of Azyr.

Swift and true the warriors of Quar-Toc strike. They appear at the call of the Slann Starmaster Kuoteq, riding and flying forth from the stars and into the Mortal Realms. Heeding the will of the slann, they cut down the twisted tendrils of Chaos wherever they might arise.

As befits the constellation from which they come, the seraphon of Dracothion’s Tail are quick and unpredictable upon the battlefield. Their ranks are filled with Saurus Knights, Ripperdactyls and Terradon Riders, all led by the ferocious might of Quar-Toc atop his bellowing Carnosaur. From their heart, Kuoteq guides the army, his spells turning enemies to ash or calling down fresh warriors from the heavens.