Dragons are ancient, powerful creatures found throughout the Mortal Realms. Generally speaking, they are large reptilian creatures with four legs and two wings. Many have powerful breath weapons, such as fire or poison.


Some dragons are used as mounts. Aelves are known to ride dragons in battle, including the sorceresses of the Darkling Covens[1][2], the Archmage of the Eldritch Council[3][4] and the Dreadlords of the Order Serpentis[5][6].

The Flesh-eater Courts search for the graveyards of the dragons for several reasons. Their corpses are raised as Zombie Dragon and ridden into battle by the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings. When fed on the guts of these Zombie Dragons, Mordants become Flesh-eater Courtiers, allowing them to vomit out poisonous clouds like the dragons.[7]

Dragons are known for their strength and power, making them popular targets for trophies. Auric Runesons collect dragon skulls as trophies to impress their fathers.[8] Bonesplitterz use their teeth in spears, as they never lose their edge.[9] King Brodd wears a Moul dragon skull as a helmet.[10]

Religious Significance

Dracothion, also known as the Zodiacal Dragon, was the god who first found Sigmar after the destruction of the world-that-was. His coils cross the sky like a river of glimmering gems.[11] His children, the Dracoths and Stardrakes, look like dragons but are vastly greater beings.[12][13]

The Aelven god Malerion was created when Malekith fused with his dragon Seraphon after the destruction of the world-that-was.[11]


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