The Draichi Ganeth translates as 'the bladed killers'. Their main temple is found in the northern barrens of Fuarthorn in Ulgu, but their war pilgrimages and lesser shrines can be found across the realms. Aelves of this sect are the most commonly seen of all the Daughters of Khaine, and few in the Cities of Sigmar have not witnessed their ritual combat displays. To Draichi Ganeth, it is through the killing blow that Khaine is most honoured, the act of beheading in particular, and they have thus earned the epithet 'the Executioner's Cult'.

The warriors of Draichi Ganeth shun stealth, and make no attempt to conceal their kills. Indeed, their war covens often herald their approach to the enemy before battle with gruesome triumphal processions, so that all might gather to witness the sect's proficiency at murder. They regard the more shadowy Daughters of Khaine as beneath them, and abstain from the use of poisons, for they staunchly believe that a true warrior has no need of anything but athletic poise and prowess with a blade.


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