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Drakesworn Templar on Stardrake

The combination of a Stardrake – a powerfully magical creature of the Heavens – and one of the most skilled fighters of the Stormcast Eternals creates a Drakesworn Templar. These knights of Azyr are celestial judgement made manifest, who exact Sigmar’s vengeance on the deadliest enemies of Order.[1a]


A lone Drakesworn Templar can sunder an enemy’s battle line or stave in an entire flank of an army. Propelled by mighty wingbeats, the Stardrake hurtles into the foe, striking with impact enough to splinter hellforged armour. The Stardrake’s claws rip through steel, raking down whole ranks of victims, while powerful jaws deliver a bite that can shear through a gargant’s leg with ease. From atop his saddle, the Stormcast Eternal swings his lightning-wreathed weapon to smite all about him. When all of an Extremis Chamber’s Drakesworn Templars ride to war, they can level enemy strongholds or devastate entire armies.[1a]

All Drakesworn Templar aspirants attempt the Trials of Starwalking. Many return empty-handed, haunted by what they have seen, but some of the bravest encounter Dracoths.[1a]

A smaller percentage still are deemed worthy enough to find a solargem – nothing less than a Stardrake’s soul. Once, before the coming of Chaos, that newborn star material would return to the heavens to be reincarnated into a newly formed body. Since the great corruption, however, the souls often become trapped in the lower Heavens.They are protected by enchantments; only the most noble can see a solargem, and only those blessed with divinity can touch such purity. Even other Stormcast Eternals hold Drakesworn Templars in awe, recognising them as mystically pure beings and great champions of Order.[1a]

By returning a solargem to the heavens, a Stormcast Eternal forges a bond with a child of Dracothion, much as Sigmar and the Great Drake did in the Age of Myth. Stardrakes are no mere steeds of war, but an ancient race older and wiser than mankind. Seeing the collapse of reason and the growing menace of Chaos, the Stardrakes wish to do their part to restore the balance of Order, and thus do the celestial creatures willingly join Sigmar’s crusade. After a series of bonding rituals, Stormcast Eternal and immortal starbeast form a rapport – a union of minds where each instinctively understands the will of the other. Together, they seek not only revenge for the wreckage wrought upon the realms, but justice, for the Laws of Order demand that the guilty must be judged.[1a]

When not actively campaigning, the Templars and Stardrakes maintain their Stormhost’s Drakesworn Temple – the great star dome where their Extremis Chamber train and worship together.[1a]


The Templar wields either a Tempest Axe, an Arc Hammer or a Stormlance, and some also bear a Skybolt Bow. He rides a fearsome Stardrake, which strikes down its prey with its Great Claws.[1b]