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Dreadblade Harrows are spectral lieutenants, spirit knights mounted upon ghostly steeds. They are able to fade and reappear, so no place on the battlefield is safe from their charge and the sweep of their deadly dreadblades.[1b]


The Dreadblade Harrows are the officers beneath the Knights of Shrouds. In life, each of these wights watched their leader's betrayal, neither helping nor hindering. Their half measures have been duly rewarded with a curse in death, for they are compelled to serve their treacherous lords eternally.[1a]

Even for Nighthaunts, Dreadblade Harrows are especially discorporate, phantasmal figures atop spectral steeds, who can disappear and reappear at will. They are the Knights of Regret, full of bitter recriminations. In battle they serve as bodyguards and lieutenants, or are despatched as outriders. Rearing upon their spectral steeds, they vanish into wisps of mist only to gallop out of thin air elsewhere to fulfil even the most unchivalrous commands - culling the vulnerable, cutting off retreating warriors, and other heinous tasks.[1a]


A Dreadblade Harrow is a single model armed with a Dreadblade. He rides a formidable Ethereal Steed to battle, which attacks with its Ghostly Hooves and Teeth.[1b]