The Endrinmaster.

Endrinmasters are senior members of the Endrineers Guild responsible for the upkeep of the fleets, and they take great pride in the speed and firepower of the craft under their auspices. They can strip down and reassemble an aether-endrin while hanging upside down miles above land, and pick out a single misalignment amidst thousands of moving cogs using a mechanical intuition that other races might call magic. Most Endrinmasters wield an aethermight hammer, a bludgeon so heavy that only the power of their supercharged harness allows them to lift it, and many wear headgear that has a built-in energy beam emitter known as a God's Eye to cut through metal.[1a]


Endrinmasters wield an Aethermight Hammer with the help of their Endrinharness, and wear a God’s Eye that can unleash the Gaze of Grungni.[1b]



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