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The word Skyrigger describes two different troop types

The Endrinriggers.

equipped with back-mounted aether-endrins that grant the wearer the power of flight. Endrinriggers are members of the Endrineers Guild, and report to a ship's Captain as well as the fleet's Endrinmaster. They bear rapid-fire rivet guns and aethermatic saws for conducting airborne repairs, flying to wherever they are needed in order to patch up damage to a ship. In need, Endrinriggers can put their high-powered tools to deadly use, riddling the foe with red-hot rivets or slicing through armour, flesh and bone with their whirring sawblades.

In order to conserve fuel, Skyriggers often hook onto Arkanaut Ironclads or Frigates and trail behind the airships, detaching themselves and flying away as targets of opportunity arise.