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The macabre Engines of Plague, war engines of the Clans Pestilens, are more than just weapons. They are the befouled altars at which the Virulent Processions worship, mobile fanes of corruption towards which the Plague Monks direct their devotions.[1a]


As clouds of tainted incense billow and foul green lightning bursts overhead, the Engines of Plague spread the diseases of the Great Corruptor, slaughtering his enemies and leaving blackened husks in their wake.[1a]

Plague Furnaces are huge wheeled carriages of rotting wood and rusting metal, heaved into battle by teeming hordes of Plague Monks. Their sheerbulk is deadly in its own right, crushing victims beneath their grinding wheels .Each of these horrific contraptions is ridden to war by a Plague Priest, who uses the furnace as a moving pulpit from which to hurl foul sorcery at the enemy. More dangerous still is the great censer at the Plague Furnace’s heart. Concoctions of unbelievable foulness are heaped, poured and ground into this massive sphere before being doused with rancid warpstone and set aflame.The resultant smoke clouds billow outward in toxic waves, while the ball itself can be swung into the enemy ranks to crush and destroy.[1a]

Rolling at the rear of each procession, Plagueclaws are towering rotwood catapults festooned with jangling bells and rusted icons. They are seen as holy instruments of the Great Horned Rat, the devices by which he bestows pestilence upon the unworthy. These weapons hurl rains of diseased filth into the enemy’s midst. Into the Plagueclaws are ladled the most horrific brews the Plague Priests can conjure and even precious doses of the Great Plagues, ready to infect entire nations from the catalyst of a single battlefield. Whether lofting their shots high over castle walls or into the midst of tightly packed enemy armies, accuracy is of little concern, for the Plagueclaws need only drop their ammunition in the general vicinity of their victims to begin an epidemic amongst their ranks.[1a]

It is seen as a great blessing to crew a Plagueclaw; many believe that those who do so become so saturated with filth that, upon their inevitable deaths, they become one with the Great Corruptor himself. There are always more fanatics willing to shed their robes and expose themselves to the full virulence of the Plagueclaws, false martyrs gambling on a shortcut to eternal power.[1a]


A Plague Furnace is a single model crewed by a trio of fanatical Plague Monks, who chitter with delight as they send the smouldering Great Censer crashing into the enemy’s ranks. At its fore stands a cackling Plague Priest wielding a Warpstone-tipped Staff that sparks with malign power. Any who come too close to the Plague Furnace meet a quick and messy end beneath.[1b]

A Plagueclaw is a single model consisting of a deadly contraption crewed by a trio of fume-addled skaven. The catapult lobs abubbling blend of semi-congealed poisons and diseases at the foe, and the crew defends their scaffold-like charge with a variety of Tools and Knives.[1c]