The sorcerer Ephryx swore himself to Tzeentch long ago, bargaining away his soul in exchange for the ability to enslave magic. He did so not for the sake of mortal power, but in order to claim an entire realm in the name of his Dark God, casting a ritual that would see all Chamon’s gates diverted to Tzeentch’s Crystal Labyrinth. In aeons gone by, Ephryx oversaw the binding of the Great Shatterer, Ghal Maraz, to this master plan. Over long centuries the sorcerer built the Eldritch Fortress, a skull-encrusted edifice as much a magical siphon as it was a physical stronghold. Harnessed by the castle’s keep, the warhammer’s magical potential gave Ephryx much of the aetheric energy he needed for his ultimate goal. Since the Storm of Sigmar broke, Ephryx has planned to steal the power of the Stormhosts to supply the rest. Ephryx manipulated events so that allies both mortal and daemonic were aligned to bend the Heldenhammer Crusade to his will. But as with all who seek the boon of Tzeentch, the puppet master is all too often a puppet in his turn...[1a]


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