While the Knights-Questor are appointed tasks by Sigmar, the Errants-Questor come to their calling in different ways. The lone survivor of a retinue might desire vengeance for their lost comrades while they undergo the agony of Reforging. Others might receive a vision in which they see themselves defeating some monstrous foe, though none knows from whence these visions come.

Once their purpose is burning inside them like a brand, they fall into a fugue state, whereupon they are placed into a cell. Some will awake and return to their duty within their Stormhost, their yearning diminished. Others, however, awaken to find themselves clad in the armour of the Errant-Questor, a storm gladius strapped to their hip and a rune-etched greatblade lying before them. How these gifts are bestowed is a mystery, as none may enter the cell of an Errant presumptive. What is certain is that though Sigmar himself has never said as much, these individuals are believed to have the God-King’s tacit blessing, and are released to pursue their quest.

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