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Saurus Eternity Wardens are the sworn protectors of the Slann and the leaders of the Saurus Guard. The Eternity Warden is a living shield that stands between his master and the foe, his massive star-stone weapon sweeping in devastating arcs to pulverize anything that threatens his charge.[1a]


Blades ringing from his heavy scaled hide and bone helm, the Eternity Warden smashes his way through the enemy. At his back the Saurus Guard form up around the Slann, an impenetrable wall of snarling maws and celestite polearms. In the presence of the Eternity Warden, they stand taller and fight harder, determined that none lay blades upon their master. The Saurus Guard gain strength from the Eternity Warden, their celestial forms growing denser and more powerful merely by fighting at the side of the Slann’s chosen protector. When they stand as one, their shields locked together and weapons held high, the Eternity Warden and Saurus Guard shimmer with the light of Azyr.[1a]

Eternity Wardens are among the greatest of the Saurus Guard, favored custodians summoned from the stars by the magic of the Slann. Eternity Wardens have lived the equivalent of many mortal lifetimes in the service of the Slann, suffering repeated destruction within the Mortal Realms so their lord might live, and returning from the stars to do so again and again.[1a]

Should an Eternity Warden fall a Slann can conjure his protector back to the Mortal Realms regardless of the manner of his demise, or the presence of barriers either mundane or magical. None but the Slann to whom he is pledged, however, may call upon a particular Eternity Warden.[1a]

Countless are the heroic acts of self-sacrifice performed by the Eternity Wardens, but a hallowed few are worthy of legend. Xoat'ar, Shield of the Azure City, choked a Lord of Change with his own broken body to save his master, while Atlor-ke the Unbowed stood sentinel for a hundred mortal lifetimes over the remains of his master Nohekal, until the Slann’s magic finally faded. The magical bond between an Eternity Warden and his master is so strong that it endures for as long as the Slann lives – a span which is often measured in ages of creation.[1a]


A Saurus Eternity is armed with a Star-stone Mace and tears into enemies with its Fearsome Jaws.[1b]