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The Jorlbad and Eurlbad are the two main fighting arms of the Alfrostun. One combats and crushes the foe, while the other grasps and devours them. Both halves battle as one to enforce the will of their Frostlord and lead the rest of the Alfrostun into battle against the prey.


The Eurlbad often rides in the shadow of the Jorlbad, or lurks on the flanks waiting for its moment to strike. However, it is no less devastating for being consigned to the second wave. Its Huskard – atop his Stonehorn – and his warrior Mournfang packs often deliver the knockout blow to an enemy army, crashing down upon them in an avalanche of ogor and beast flesh. Forces still reeling from the Jorlbad’s charge are cut down, crushed, and their remains carried off by the warriors of the Eurlbad to fill the Beastclaws’ stomachs. Fortified settlements and castle walls are left to the Eurlbad to breach, the Jorlbad having pressed on deeper into enemy lands. Where the Jorlbad is the speed and surprise of the howling mountain gale, the Eurlbad is the relentless cold of the slowly rising snow. The cutting cold of a mountain wind might rob a creature of strength and life, but it is the relentles slygrinding glacier that crushes the villages and lairs left behind.


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