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The constellation of Sotek’s Fangs rises above the Mortal Realms on nights when the winds of Azyr blow strong. Like a glimmering maw it appears from beneath the horizon, each shimmering star a seraphon cohort waiting for the call of the Slann Starmaster Zectoka.

Blazing upon the tip of the longest curving fang is the Scar-Veteran Ku-Quar, and when Zectoka summons the constellation to battle this saurus is often the first to step into the Mortal Realms. From the back of his bellowing Carnosaur, Ku-Quar leads a host of warriors and lumbering reptilian beasts into battle against the armies of Chaos.

From his place at the centre of the constellation Zectoka weaves the magic of the stars around Ku-Quar and the seraphon. Against this mighty host of Azyr foes are swiftly crushed, swept aside by thunderous charges, torn apart with snapping fangs or seared away under the potent sorceries of the Slann Starmaster and his Starpriests.