Felyndael, Guardian of the Waning Light and member of

The Felyndael, Guardian of the Waning Light.

House Lathrien fought in many desperate conflicts during the Age of Chaos, from the savagery of the Third Harvest to the pyrrhic victory of the Crucible of Life. He led his band of Tree-Revenants to victory time and again, weaving thunderous echoes of glory into the spirit-song that resound to this day.[1a]

A Noble Spirit of the Heartwood Glade, Felyndael was rightly proud of the blows he and his warriors struck in Alarielle’s name, yet as with all his kin, he was forced to endure the slow waning of his race. After the fall of the pinnacle at Mount Moonsong, Felyndael drew the last remnants of that living mountaintop into his roots and crafted for himself a glimmering blade that has borne its name ever since. Felyndael became a cold and vengeful being, his heartwood dulled by centuries of retreat and loss. Even so, this ancient champion never gave up his dream of striking back at the foul despoilers of his lands. That time has finally come.[1a]


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