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Misshapen monsters, the Flesh-eater Courtiers stand as hunchbacked lords within the abhorrant king’s court. Grown strong upon the tainted blood of their master, these mordant leaders wade into battle, directing the king’s armies as their lesser kin cluster adoringly around their clawed feet.[1]


Crypt Ghast Courtiers

The Crypt Ghast Courtiers are vile creatures gifted in the ways of war. Displaying a measure of intelligence beyond that of their base brothers, these bent-back champions make effective field commanders for the Abhorrant Ghoul Kings’ armies. Forever jockeying for position, they make fawning after their king their first priority, and hold various titles to denote their status. In their minds, they are the noble heroes of the realm, clad in shining armour, with pennants snapping on the ends of their weapons. So armed with delusion, they proudly lead the court’s soldiers to war, sniffing out tasty prey either at the head ofendless ranks of foot soldiers or ranging ahead with scouting parties.[1a]

Like all mordants, Crypt Ghast Courtiers have been corrupted by their king’s madness. Most were once great heroes, wizards or sages who fell into despair and cannibalism. As courtiers, they retain a shred of their former selves, and they enforce their peculiarities upon the ghouls they lead. If they were gluttonous, their mordants partake in staggering displays of gorging. If they were cruel, their followers exact as much pain as possible from the foe. If they were cunning, their soldiers will melt from the very shadows in the wake of their nefarious master. A king will choose a Crypt Ghast Courtier’s role in court based upon the creature’s natural talents, utilising them against the many enemies of the Flesh-eater Court.[1a]

Crypt Haunter Courtiers

Beasts of rotting flesh and twisted bone, the Crypt Haunter Courtiers are among the strongest of an abhorrant king’s mordant servants. They have supped from the vampiric king’s veins, and his dark magic has transformed them. Most mordants given a pure draught of the king’s blood devolve even further into savage madness or tear themselves apart in a frenzy of self-loathing, but those who survive are reborn with monstrous strength. In battle, they are brutal fighters who lead from the front, bathing in a rain of viscera as they tear their opponents apart. Crypt Horrors respond to the orders of these courtiers, in their madness seeing them as bold commanders who lead the way through any danger.[1a]

As trusted members of the court, Crypt Haunter Courtiers hold high status and are respected and feared by all who serve the king. They also enjoy rare autonomy amongst their mordant kin, and those that attain the rank of Lord Liverbelch will be despatched at the head of an Abattoir of ghouls and horrors, leading the charge from the front lines. When they return victorious, it is also their duty to prepare the royal feast, and test the dishes to be set before the king.[1b]

Crypt Infernal Courtiers

Crypt Infernal Courtiers are created when a Crypt Flayer has performed a heroic deed that the king deems worthy of reward. A banquet is held where individuals so honoured are fed the flesh of an undead dragon. Their guts mutate agonisingly, allowing these predators of the sky to exhale lethal clouds of noxious fumes, much like the beast they have eaten. These flying courtiers lead the Deadwatch, the Abhorrant Ghoul King’s personal bodyguard. Gifted with exceptional senses, they can also detect enemies from leagues away, identifying their victims by scent alone, and swoop off into the night to bring back gory prizes for their dark master.[1b]

When an abhorrant rides to war astride his Terrorgheist or Zombie Dragon, Crypt Infernal Courtiers often soar at his side, vying for their lord’s attention. Screaming summons to their kin, the courtiers lead daring strikes against the most formidable enemies, bringing back spoils and prisoners in an attempt to curry favour with the abhorrant king.[1b]

Varghulf Courtiers

Favoured servants of the king, Varghulf Courtiers hold the highest rank a mordant can earn. They are the most trusted members of the court, and the most likely to lead an army if the king is otherwise occupied. Varghulf Courtiers are the only members of the court that can ascend to the rank of Marquis Gruelsop, leader of the handpicked Royal Mordants.[1b]

As befits their potent position, they are gore-drenched monsters in combat, second only in their fury to the abhorrant king. When surrounded by their enemies, they enter a terrifying frenzy, slaughtering them faster than the eye can follow. As they tear a red road through a battle, mordants scurry in their wake, snatching up any discarded pieces of meat. Varghulfs are possessed of a voracious hunger, and rip great chunks off their prey which they cram down their gullets then and there. As they lick their bloody maws, wounds disappear, muscles reknit and rents in their flesh close up in moments. They feed on more than just flesh, however. With lolling tongues they lap up dark magic from the air, devouring the sorcerous tendrils that erupt from the abhorrant king when he casts spells or summons the dead.This foul energy strengthens the beast, giving it strength beyond even that suggested by its massive frame.[1b]


A Varghulf Courtier rips its prey apart with Immense Claws and Dagger-like Fangs. A Crypt Ghast Courtier bludgeons and tears his victims with a Bone Club and Filthy Claws. A Crypt Haunter Courtier hacks down and mauls its enemies with a Massive Bone Club and Rancid Talons. A Crypt Infernal Courtier impales its enemies with Skewering Talons and chokes them withits Foetid Breath.[1c][1d][1e][1f]