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An Abhorrant Ghoul King rules over his flesh-eating mordants.

The Flesh-eater Courts are a faction of cannibalistic undead in service to the Grand Alliance of Death that serves Nagash, god of death, who thrive hidden among the ruins of the Mortal Realms. Bound by the leadership and madness of the insane vampires known as Abhorrant Ghoul Kings, throngs of ghouls called mordants live out their pitiful lives feasting upon the mortal corpses provided by the endless war and strife of kingdom after kingdom.[1]


Courts of Madness[]

In every corner of the Mortal Realms, nightmarish tales are told of the Flesh-eater Courts. When war and famine ravage a land, its most desperate and determined people survive in any way they can. Giving in to hunger, they turn upon the fallen, the weak, and even each other in their quest for sustenance.[1a]

Retreating into the shadowed ruins of their towns and cities, these cannibal cults devolve into hideous parodies of mortal society, kept alive on a diet of rancid flesh and bone. Even then these creatures are worthy of pity, for their transformation into ghouls is not yet complete; only once a cannibal partakes of an abhorrant king's feast do they become what is known as a "mordant."[1a]

The Abhorrant Ghoul Kings themselves are bestial vampires who rule over swathes of the Mortal Realms by the strength of their ragged courts. Completely delusional and insane, they have become known as "Abhorrants" by the rest of their blood-sucking kin. Abhorrant Ghoul Kings are so lost in their madness that they believe themselves to be mortal monarchs. When they come to a place infested with cannibals, they see not monsters, but starving peasants and soldiers eager for the hand of a beneficent master.[1a]

Each Abhorrant king brings with them more than just dark rulership -- they also spread their contagious madness. Weak minds are quickly turned, but even the strong-willed soon see the king as he sees himself. Before long, those that once hid in shame from the light stand tall, armoured in their delusion. In a mockery of civilisation, the king brings them into his court, dubbing the pale horrors that bow and scrap before him his mordants.[1a]

By the will of the Abhorrants do the Flesh-eater Courts congregate in the realms. Gathering up feasts from among the living and the dead, they rend apart their enemies and prepare the fallen's flesh for their lord's culinary pleasure. Some among the mordants might even be blessed to sup the king's blood -- in their minds drinking wine from their master's table. However, the thick crimson draught of cursed vampiric blood brings with it a terrifying transformation. These creatures arise as drooling horrors, enslaved utterly to their new master, and bereft of what remained of their sanity. In time, a few of these "blessed" ones might even ascend from mordants to join the vampire ranks of the Abhorrants, and if fortune favours them, in turn found their own courts, thus spreading the madness of the Flesh-eaters across the Eight Realms.[1a]

Origins: The Carrion King[]

The origins of the abhorrants are an ancient and tragic tale. During the Age of Myth, the first abhorrant roamed the Mortal Realms. He was a favoured servant of Nagash, and back then he was fair and strong. His court of knights and nobles rode resplendent as glorious children of the night. He was known by many names in many lands; Sumeros Summerking, the Blood Rose Prince and Ushoran the Handsome to name but a few. Though the truth of his descent into delusion has been lost to the march of time, it is believed by many that the king fell out of favour with Nagash and was cursed with a hideous transformation. Malformed and filled with anger against his former master, the king became a monster like no other that prowled the Nightlands of Shyish. Such was the devastation spread by the king’s fury that scores of Nagash’s kingdoms were destroyed, their lords slain, their peoples torn apart and their cities reduced to naught but ruins and broken corpses.[1b]

Angered by the king’s excesses, Nagash imprisoned his wayward servant in a prison called the Shroudcage. A towering edifice of broken promises, its walls reflected every lie the king had ever told back upon him, reducing him to a raving wreck, as twisted in mind as he was in body. So the king might have stayed for all eternity, had not the God-King Sigmar intervened. In the first years of the Age of Chaos, Sigmar invaded the Realm of Death, incensed by Nagash’s perceived betrayal at the Allpoints. During Sigmar’s rampage through the Great Necromancer’s domain, his armies unwittingly brought down the great bastion that held the Shroudcage, and from its ruin scuttled forth the thing that would become known as the Carrion King.[1b]

Loosed into the shadows, the Carrion King began to build his court once more. In lost and depraved mortal cannibals, known as mordants, the Carrion King found a willing source of servants. With his blood he created sycophants to sing his praises from the foot of his dark throne, and these in turn went on to create their own courts.[1b]

So it is that each Flesh-eater Court is a reflection of that first court, their Abhorrant Ghoul Kings trying to recreate in madness the memories passed on to them through blood. Many of those beasts closest to the Carrion King still live within the ruins of his ancient kingdom deep within Shyish. In them, the blood of the king is strong, and their collective delusion feeds off and permeates the land. The further from these ruinous cities and empires the courts stray, the thinner the Carrion King’s blood becomes, though the madness remains undiminished. Doubtless long after the king’s tale has been forgotten, fragments of his story will live on in the Flesh-eater Courts, a dark pantomime played out endlessly across the ages of the Mortal Realms.[1c]

As to the fate of the Carrion King, nothing is known save that Nagash still seeks him across the Mortal Realms.[1c]

The Carrionlands[]

Beyond the Gate of Tears, across the Gulf of Regrets and over the icy peaks of Helspoint lie the lands of the Carrion King. A sprawling kingdom of shroud-tipped spires, shuddering haunted woods and seas of weeping souls sailed by ghostly galleons, it was among the grandest of the soulblight empires. Those dark and glorious days are but memories now, the spires no more than broken fangs beneath boiling skies, the woods oaken graveyards, and the seas sunken deserts populated only with the skeletal remains of ships. Even so, many of the first abhorrant king’s descendants still call this land their own. They call these crumbling expanses by many grandiose titles, though collectively to the inhabitants of Shyish they are simply the Carrionlands.The brave or foolish might come to these environs seeking ghoulkin for their armies. Necromancers, unliving warlords and even brutal Chaos lords arrive with choice offerings of medusa eyes, gargant livers or troggoth bile for the abhorrants’ tables – hoping that their princely gifts will be enough to coax the Flesh-eaters to fight for them.[1f]

Endless Feast[]

To look upon a Flesh-eater Court from the outside, one might mistake it for a nest of cannibalism and horror. Mordants root around in piles of reeking dead, their filthy claws picking decaying meat from rancid bones while they snarl and spit at each other in a guttural tongue. Mobs of towering Crypt Horrors, Haunters and their kin loom in the shadows like deathless guardians, darting into the press of ghouls to claim whole corpses at will. In the midst of this pit of monsters sits the Abhorrant Ghoul King upon a throne of mortal remains. Tall and powerful, everything about the king screams that he is a bestial predator, from his lithe, corded muscles to the dark hunger in his inhuman gaze. However, this is not what the king and his followers see. To the king, he sits upon a gilt throne in a great hall. Next to him, his men-at-arms stand to attention or spar, ready for the call to war. Servants scurry about preparing another feast for their lord, or attend to the running of the kingdom.[1d]

Within the madness of a Flesh-eater Court, each has their role. The king is lord and master of all, standing at the head of the hierarchy. Sometimes, he might create other abhorrants to share in this glory, though they usually remain subservient to the king’s desires. These other abhorrants are known as sycophants, and can range from a single ‘heir’ to the throne to a whole brood of bloodsuckers taking on the roles and titles of the king’s doting family. For example, the Giblet Prince is the heir apparent and closest to his king. The Offal Queen oversees the blood-nurseries, caring for the newest of the brood, and making sure they feed regularly on the red bounty their father provides. Then there are the Sweetbread Princelings, chosen companions of the Giblet Prince who are charged by the king to keep his heir safe, be it in the madness of battle or out on a hunt.[1d]

Beyond this inner circle, favoured mordants see to the daily running of the court. Above all other mordants reign the Varghulf Courtiers, the greatest of which carries the title of Marquis Gruelsop. Regents of the court, they lead the Royal Mordants, and are often trusted by their king with command of the court’s armies. Crypt Flayer Courtiers and Crypt Haunter Courtiers are field commanders and earn titles like the Lord Marrowbroth or the Lord Liverbelch, overseeing the soldiers of the Deadwatch and the Abattoir respectively. The position of Lord Chamberslough is held by a Crypt Haunter Courtier who rules over the Lickspittles keeping order at court. Then there are the Marquis Retchbile and Baron Gizzard, Crypt Ghast Courtiers who stand as marshals for the king’s massed mordant armies, be it the stalwart and proud ranks of the King’s Ghouls or the stealthy Ghoul Patrol.[1e]

Over the long Age of Chaos, the realms have suffered. Bloodthirsty killers have turned glittering continents into reeking charnel houses, and dark wizards have loosed storms of sorcery that have warped and twisted the landscape almost beyond recognition. In the wake of the destructive tides of war, a land becomes ripe for the slow, terrifying descent into a Flesh-eater kingdom. Stumbling and shaking, the survivors of these fallen lands emerge from the ruins of their once-great civilisations, only to face a new and insidious threat. Starvation and madness take their toll, and the creatures turn to cannibalism and murder to survive. In time, packs of scavengers emerge from among the survivors to prey upon their erstwhile brothers. Soon, the darkness beyond the camp fires of marauding Chaos armies is filled with pale horrors and the sickening crunch and slurp of bones being devoured. Hearing the call of these hungry children is like a siren’s song to abhorrants. Whether it is days, years or centuries later, such pits of despair and depravity will often attract the attentions of a Flesh-eater Court.[1f]

In a dark mockery of the kingdom that came before, ragged skin banners flap wetly above crumbling castles. The king swiftly sets about creating, in his own delusional mind, a functioning state. Scouting parties range across the land establishing fresh borders for their lord’s armies to defend. In the broken remains of cities, nests of ghouls take up residence, stockpiling food and weapons. These offal pits and midden heaps are the treasure houses of the Flesh-eater Court, and are closely guarded. More than one foe has battled their way bitterly through waves of frenzied ghouls expecting lost treasures or precious grave goods, only to find craters filled with rotting meat and broken bones.[1f]

The Abhorrant Ghoul King is always ready for an attack against his lands. Whether he believes himself the master of a mighty fortress, which in reality is a crumbling castle long since abandoned by the conquerors that put it to the torch, or a nomad prince camped in his homelands, he will ferociously protect what is his. Like knights of the realm, Crypt Flayers soar over the court’s domain, drawn by the hissing cries of the Ghoul Patrol. These flying terrors shadow those who would defile their master’s kingdom, while ghoul hosts lay cunning ambushes in the invader’s path. Flesh-eater armies show a level of coordination that has been the doom of countless foes.[1f]

Desolate Domains[]

By the beginning of the Age of Sigmar, the Flesh-eater Courts thrived in dark corners across the Mortal Realms. For centuries beyond count the abhorrants had followed the heady scent of battle, claiming for themselves places to raise their banners and form their courts from amid the mayhem of war. It was these ghoulish migrations that seeded Flesh-eater Courts from the Dreaming Tombs of Hysh and the great Oak bastions of Ghyran to the Quicksilver Vales of Chamon and Themacarn Wastes of Aqshy. In the Penumbral Sea of Ulgu, floating kingdoms are filled with countless mordant shadows, while the Splinterbridge cities of Shyish’s carrion deltas groan under the weight of corpulent cannibals. Few are the domains of the Mortal Realms that do not conceal a Flesh-eater Court. As mortal, daemon and undead armies storm through Realmgates and into continents and kingdoms new, the abhorrant kings go to battle both with and against them.[1P]

Many courts have made their homes around Realmgates, learning that these are places of battle and riches, and the nearby lands are always ripe for conquest. Often, an invader will have no knowledge that they are walking into a domain claimed by an abhorrant king until the ruins around them come alive with a thousand sets of hungry eyes. Utilising the sorcery of these gates, there also exist sprawling Flesh-eater alliances. Kings and their courts, having divided up portions of the realms, use the gates to connect their ruinous lands. Some of the largest of these mordant confederations even span different realms, like the Wargspine Citadel Courts. In the vast ruin of Wargspine, the castle’s three great bastions exists in different realms, each one home to its own Flesh-eater Court. It is a prize many foes have tried to claim, though all have failed.[1P]

From the perspective of the abhorrant kings, the other races are usually usurpers and invaders. Unholy barbarians hammer at their gates and slay their subjects, and thus deserve only death. After all, it is the duty of a good king to watch over his people.[1P][1Q]

As far from Shyish as the mordants and their abhorrant kings have spread, it is still not enough to escape the gaze of Nagash. The Lord of Death has his own plans for the Flesh-eater Courts. Despite the strange place they occupy between the living and the dead, Nagash considers them his own, and there has been a shadowy struggle fought between the Flesheaters and their deathless god over the centuries. Some have returned to the Realm of Death to kneel before the necromancer, their kings cowed by the Death God’s might. Many, however, have purposefully put distance between themselves and their would be overlord, fearful of the revenge the god of death might visit upon them.[1Q]

It is the greatest of these break away nations – called Highhaven by its mordant inhabitants – that Nagash most seeks dominion over. Highhaven controls areas at the foot of vital Realmgates, that are beyond the reach of his armies. The courts of Highhaven have noticed Nagash’s attentions, and have begun taking steps to keep his cold claws from their kingdoms. Ghouls have been spied crawling like pale beetles upon the nation’s Realmgates, scratching ancient sigils and dark runes into the stones to ward against transgression by the unliving. With a Realmgate so defended, the land falls deeper under the dominance of the Flesh-eaters.[1Q]

Chronicles of the Flesh-eater[]

Cannibal King[]

After the Carrion King’s escape from the Shroudcage, his madness began to spread across the realms. One of the first kingdoms created in his wake was that of the Gibbering Courts, a chain of asylum cities populated by the insane and the depraved. After the king vanished, the courts remained, becoming changeable allies to both Nagash and the Dark Gods across the ages.[1h]

  • Abhorrant Fears - After assassins tried to kill him, King Fangheart created a vast Deadwatch bodyguard. In their zeal to protect him, the Crypt Flayers devoured most of Fangheart’s court.[1h]
  • The Carving Century - The fall of the Lantic Empire led to a great gathering of Flesh-eater Courts as hundreds of abhorrant kings carved up its kingdoms. Many dispossessed Lantic warriors joined the ranks of the mordants, pieces of armour still clinging to their pale bodies.[1h]
  • The Ragged Pilgrimage - Ghoul Patrols from the Yearning Courts became lost scouting through the Realmgates of the Banelands. The Crypt Ghast Courtiers took charge, leading a pilgrimage to find their master. To maintain discipline and morale in their mordant warriors, the courtiers drilled them ruthlessly. They raised tattered banners, gifted pitted weapons to their followers and decked themselves in the trappings of lords, creating a spectacle of ruinous finery that was terrible to behold.[1h]
  • Goreslop Wars - After they devoured their way through the Fyreslayer holds of Vulkanum, the alliance of the Swillgor Ogors and Halfblood Courts broke down, each side unwilling to give up the bounty of flesh they had claimed.[1h]
  • An Unholy Appetite - The Sunderbone Court cultivated a ferocious army of Crypt Horrors. Fed upon soulblight blood by the abhorrant king Hookfane, the mordants of the Sunderbone Court were able to overwhelm the defenders of the Ratchet Tombs. However, to Hookfane’s dismay, his army had developed a dangerous taste for vampire blood and decimated his sycophant court in an attempt to become more powerful still.[1h]

Thirsting Skies[]

To defend her kingdoms against the steel legions of Chaos, Queen Neferata struck an alliance with the Flayed Court of King Horgloom, an abhorrant king. She flew across the Nightlands’ skies surrounded by shimmering spirits and vampire thralls, and at their side came Horgloom astride his Zombie Dragon, with Crypt Flayers in his wake. Like a rain of death, the combined host fell upon the servants of the dark gods and reduced them to red ruin.[1i]

  • Liberation of Twilos - In the Chaos purge of the Twilos Expanse, a hundred provinces fell to the Dark Gods. Salvation for Twilos came unexpectedly from the Carnedine Cortege, its king blessing thousands of desperate survivors in a feast that gave rise to a mordant army that swept away the invaders.[1i]
  • Corpse Dragon Court - The fortunes of the Sanguine Court changed when they discovered the Fields of Dracothion, a vast dragon graveyard in the hidden vales of the Wildfold. From its depths, the court conjured a deadly Royal Menagerie.The surrounding lands soon fell under the claws of the court’s abhorrant king as Zombie Dragons filled the skies and scoured the vales of the living.[1i]
  • The Abhorrant Court - Betrayed by his own Fallow Court, the One-eyed King set out to claim his revenge against all mortals. Scorning mordants, he raised an abhorrant army. Across the Shadow Wastes, in the lee of Hysh’s Gloaming Mountains, none who lived were safe from him, though he reserved a special hatred for ghouls.[1i]
  • Terror's Children - King Goretalon descended upon a gargant alemoot. His Terrorgheists grew so bloated on giants’ blood that they burst in a cloud of bat-spawn which darkened the skies, further swelling his bountiful menagerie.[1i]
  • Crown of Corpses - Twelve courts combined to scour the Stonespit lands of orruks.The king that led them all –Gristleglob – was elevated and crowned an abhorrant emperor.[1i]

Unpleasant Neighbours[]

The Hammers of Sigmar assaulted the Arcanite Shardfane in Aqshy, only to find themselves caught in a spell trap. Cut off from Azyr, they fought endless waves of Chaos spawn. Reprieve came when the mordants of the Crookfang Kingdom spilled from the dungeons and fell on the Arcanites. With their foes slain, the Stormcasts retired to the upper levels to secure the fane’s Realmgate, leaving the mordants to their feast.[1i]


In their madness, the abhorrants’ view of the Great Necromancer Nagash is divided. Some revere Nagash as a benevolent father-god and seek him out, hopeful of finding solace in his strength. Others loathe him as a force of destruction or dominance, forever fearful that Nagash is their doom or is seeking to cage them. Like lost children, abhorrants either flock to beg at Nagash’s feet or flee from his gaze. To all mordants and abhorrants, however, Nagash is their god.[1g]

From bone-thick feeding grounds, those courts allied to Nagash look up to crumbling statues of the Great Necromancer, offering their praise through mouthfuls of rotting meat. Many of these courts willingly fight in the armies of the dead, often much to the distrust and disgust of other undead lords. In the delusional eyes of some Abhorrant Ghoul Kings, Nagash appears as a beneficent god wrapped in flowing golden robes, or wearing a golden crown as he smiles down from the sky. To honour their god, many courts have built churches among the ruins of their kingdoms, such as the Corpsefane of the Nightlands, covered with ten thousand flayed faces, all stitched together with the same expression of rapture.[1g]

By contrast, those courts that distrust Nagash often travel far from the Realm of Death, seeking to escape the Great Necromancer. Many of these courts would sooner face destruction or famine out in the wilds of the Mortal Realms, and will go to great lengths to stay one step ahead of the God of Death. Some are forever on the move, like the Gluttonous Carnival. Its roving corpse caravans, heavy with scavenged meat, endlessly rumble across the land as they try to stay ahead of their imagined pursuers. Others construct vast fortresses, like the Witherclaw in Ghyran. Though its high walls exist only in its inhabitants’ imaginations, its bone palisades and blood moats are real enough, and make it a formidable bastion that is fiercely defended against any suspected servant of Nagash sent to bring them to heel.[1g]


The armies of the Flesh-eater Courts are as nothing without their kings. Descendants of the abhorrants’ long and terrible bloodline, these lords are the sinew that tethers the mordants together and bestows upon them their grandiose delusions of nobility.[1j]

There is usually but a single abhorrant king ruling a court, though in rare cases a council of the most powerful vampires might be in control instead – provided, of course, that they all share a similar madness. All other abhorrants form the king’s brood of sycophants and successors. Beneath this ‘royal family’ stand the king’s favoured lieutenants – Crypt Haunter Courtiers, Varghulf Courtiers and Crypt Infernal Courtiers, which serve as nobles of the court and lead its illustrious institutions. These are the upper echelons, populated by the largest and most dangerous of the king’s servants.[1j]

The bulk of the Flesh-eater population is formed of ghoul hosts that grow and shrink depending on the fortunes of their court. These are overseen by Crypt Ghast Courtiers, while regiments are led by Crypt Ghasts, all chosen from the most vicious and cunning of their kind. Crypt Ghast Courtiers often have grand and ancient titles, which they aspire to and treasure, even as they covet the attention of their king.[1j]

In times of war, an Abhorrant Ghoul King or one of his trusted Varghulf Courtiers will usually lead the army.The varghulfs are entirely devoted to their liege, and so are more trusted to enact his vision upon the Mortal Realms than any of the other courtiers.Varghulfs drink long and deep from their master’s veins, and so their connection with the court’s sovereign is strong. Like the king himself, varghulfs usually lead from the sky. Swooping over the battlefield, they screech at the warriors battling below them – a high pitched sound that is terrifying to the ears of their enemies but akin to the clarion call of a hunting horn to the soldiers of the king’s court.[1j]

Lords of the Flesh-eaters[]

  • Carrion King: Sovereign of the Court - Every Abhorrant Ghoul King is an heir to the Carrion King, who was first to bear the abhorrant’s curse. The delusions of a court’s princes and lords are splinters of his original madness, warped echoes of the noble customs and practices of the warriors who stood beside the Carrion King so long ago. Their names too are perversions of that time, twisted by the march of years to become vile parodies of the once-great men and women they represent.[1k]
  • Sycophants: The Royal Family - There are many disturbing tales of the Carrion King’s original family and their offspring. Gathered under the loving blood-gaze of their lord, the sycophants are the memory of this ancient family given form. Names like the Offal Queen and Giblet Prince hold a shred of the Carrion King’s history, and in some stories, they become the Awful Queen and Gibbeted Prince, which perhaps provides a clue to the ultimate fates of the Carrion King’s long lost wife and son.[1k]
  • Lord Chamberslough: Vizier of the Attendants at Court - A prominent character of Soulblight myth, the Lord Chamberslough and his gaggle of lackeys fawn upon the king, as perhaps they once failed to do.The Iron Chamberlain, as he was once known, is said to have vied with the Carrion King for control of his kingdoms, amassing an army to usurp the throne. It is a fitting fate, then, that the role of the Lord Chamberslough has been reduced to utter subservience and his followers dubbed the Lickspittles.[1k]
  • Lord Marrowbroth: First Knight of the Deadwatch - Pride radiates from the Lord Marrowbroth, for he is the champion protector of the king. He was the most loyal of the Carrion King’s servants, the Lord of the Harrow Wrath armies. These elite troops and their knightly captain defended the kingdom from the greed of the treacherous Mortarchs, chilling Nighthaunt invasions and Deathrattle conquest wars. Such was their vigilance and skill, the Harrow Wrath legions earned the title Watches of the Dead.[1k]
  • Lord Liverbelch: Master of the Abattoir - The Lord Liverbelch is the master of banquets and chief taster to the king. Blood feasts were always part of the Carrion King’s court. Whole regions of his kingdom toiled endlessly to provide ample provisions for his dark aristocracy, the overseeing of which fell to the Lord Riverblood. Chosen from the most discerning of the Soulblight vampires, the lord lived up to his name, gathering fair-skinned youths from far-away kingdoms to quench the thirst of the king’s court.[1k]
  • Marquis Gruelsop: Commander of the Royal Mordants - Loyal to a fault, the Marquis Gruelsop stands as the greatest of the king’s courtiers and leader of the Royal Mordants. Legends suggest that he was brother to the Carrion King, but, fearful and paranoid that the marquis would usurp him, the king made him a lord of slaves and prisoners. The marquis, so it is said, managed to prove his loyalty to his liege by turning his wards into some of the finest and most devoted soldiers in the king’s army.[1l]
  • Baron Gizzard: Chief of the Ghoul Patrol - A keen-eyed hunter, the Baron Gizzard leads the king’s scouts. Stories say the original baron was once a commoner who patrolled the icy Helfrost Empires at the kingdom’s edge, though he became a favoured servant of the king. Some tales refer to him as the Baron of Blizzards, an endearing title given by the king, even though he had no noble blood in his veins. An age later, in the Flesh-eater Courts, it seems the baron has finally earned his rightful place at the table.[1l]
  • Marquis Retchbile: Lord of the King's Ghouls - Martial might is the domain of the Marquis Retchbile.The Carrion King was served by many skilled generals: Lord Rilegloom, leader of the charge against the Banshee Storm; Prince Retter, who made his last stand in the Gorefort Deeps; and Captain Bilgoth, slayer of the creeping Gheisthorror, to name but a few. Doubtless, the marquis is the memory of such warriors, confused into a single figurehead by the abhorrant king’s madness.[1l]
  • Royal Menagerie - The Carrion King kept many pets from his journeys across Shyish and the realms beyond. Favoured among his mounts were the Blood Drakes and Chiropteran Behemoths. Though the names and deeds of these beasts have long been lost to history, each abhorrant king fondly remembers these creatures and lavishes his attentions on the Zombie Dragons and Terrorgheists of his menageries, as if the huge undead creatures were his own living offspring.[1l]

Main Formations[]

  • Royal Family - Blood calls to blood, and under the bestial gaze of the Abhorrant Ghoul King, his royal family gathers to unleash red ruin upon their foes, calling forth an unending tide of twisted mordant warriors.[1G]
  • Atendants at Court - Favoured creatures of the court, the Lickspittles have free rein to rend and tear their foes at will. The Lord Chamberslough gives what few orders they will follow, enacting the king’s will.[1H]
  • Deadwatch - Trusted guardians of the king, the Deadwatch hammer into any who might endanger him. Victims not slain in the first attack are sent fleeing in terror as the Crypt Flayers loose their keening war cry.[1I]
  • Abattoir - The Abattoir reaps a fleshy toll from the opposing army, the Lord Liverbelch directing its warriors withexacting precision to carve off bloody chunks of meat for the king’s feasting table.[1J]
  • Ghoul Patrol - Scuttling through the shadows, the mordants of the Ghoul Patrol burst from the darkness to ambush their prey, pulling them down in a flurry of rancid fangs and crusted claws before devouring them.[1K]
  • King's Ghouls - The proud heart of their ruler’s armies, the King’s Ghouls advance in motley ranks, give voice to hissing war chants and charge madly into battle, burying their enemies under their reeking bodies.[1L]
  • Royal Mordants - Under the leadership of the Marquis Gruelsop, the elite warriors of the Royal Mordants demonstrate atwisted parody of military strategy in battle, instantly reacting to their courtier’s roared commands. [1M]
  • Royal Menagerie - Tattered wings beat the air, gigantic shadows fill the sky and a dread chill washes over the land as theAbhorrant Ghoul King orders his menagerie of undead dragons and monstrous bats into battle.[1N]
  • Flesh-eater Court - A resplendent procession of mad, ragged wretches, the Flesh-eater Court marches to war. At its head stands the Abhorrant Ghoul King in all his dark majesty, his subjects crouched at his feet.[O]

Main Units[]