Beasts of winter, Frost Sabres bound across the landscape like shadows ghosting over the snow. Icy blood runs in their veins, and their prey seldom sees them coming until they feel the bite of the great cats' sword-like fangs. Utterly loyal to their Icebrow Hunter, the Frost Sabres fight for him without hesitation against the most fearsome foes.[1]


Massive felines with jutting, sword-like fangs, Frost Sabres form an unbreakable bond with their ogor pack master – enough for them to give up their lives in battle. Their blood, when drained and distilled, forms a powerful elixir that allows an ogor to breathe a magical blizzard over his enemies, freezing them where they stand. Of course, these majestic felines are not merely passive; on the battlefield, their fangs are enough to chill the blood of any foe, just before the Frost Sabre closes in and bites...[2]



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