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Massive presences, leaders of the Beastclaw Raiders, Frostlords have proven themselves as capable warriors and exceptional hunters time and time again.[1] A master of the wild steppes, a Frostlord leads his ogors into the battles that sustain them.[3]


The Frostlord is warlord and huntmaster to his raid, and it falls to him to provide his ogors with both battle and prey. His booming voice and the thunderous tread of his Stonehornor Thundertusk are the heartbeat of his tribe, for his is the violent will around which the Alfrostun is formed. In the midst of battle the Frostlord rides at the front of his raiding army, his cold gaze picking out victims for his warriors, while enemies are crushed under the lumbering gait of his monstrous steed. Like the relentless gales of the Everwinter, a Frostlord is a brutal force of nature. There is no pity in the chieftain’s heart, only the need to destroy, devour and overcome his foes. Those that test the strength of the Frostlord face the fury of a winter storm, and should they fall, will quickly find themselves filling the chieftain’s belly or swinging from the saddle of his mount as another trophy.

To become a Frostlord is not easy, and those that aspire to lead an Alfrostun must complete the Rite of Hoctgar. When a raid has lost its leader, or it gathers for the first time, the largest of its ogors set out into the wilds. Those that return with prey offer up meat to the rest of the clan. To take this proffered flesh is to accept the hunter as your Frostlord, in a covenant as strong as any practised by gods and men.The ogor with the most followers then claims the mantle of tribal leader. Far from a simple task, the Rite of Hoctgar demands more than merely the corpse of a grunta or troggoth. The greatest would-be leaders bring back the largest kills, and it is not uncommon to see one dragging a gargant or jabberslythe back to the fire to show his dominance, and tempt others to accept his kill.

Before an ogor can hope to claim the title of Frostlord they must already be an ancient and veteran hunter. Most Frostlords are survivors that have wandered the realms for centuries, following winding hunting trails and preying on the weak to fill their bellies. They have endured while their kin have succumbed to starvation, winter and war. A Frostlord may have served in the armies of the God-King Sigmar, or accepted payment to fight for the minions of the Dark Gods. In his time he may have been everything from Icebrow Hunter to Huskard in other lords’ tribes, before finally gaining the scars, followers and experience to master his own Alfrostun.

There is another trait that sets Frostlords apart from their kind, and that is their mighty presence. By virtue of their rank they are well fed and huge of muscle and gut – both admirable qualities in an ogor. There is, however, more than just flesh and muscle to the massive tribal leaders. With a rolling boom like a coming storm, the chieftain’s voice calls his ogors to the hunt and steels their spirits in battle. Even the leaders of the smallest raids have a voice strong enough to be heard clearly over the keening scream of the Everwinter wind or roaring din of battle. There are tales of the oldest and strongest Frostlords being audible across the length of continents, ogors who climbed to the top of towering peaks to call Beastclaws from every corner of the land. It is with this same voice that prey are driven from their hiding places, for they recognise the ogor’s bellow for the predator’s roar it is. In many savage lands primitive peoples believe that when a storm descends upon a land, the wind is in fact the echoing yell of the Frostlord.

Wargear and abilities

Most Beastclaw Raider weapons are hammered together from scavenged scrap or prised from the frozen fingers of the prey. Frost spears are different, each one a massive lance blessed by the blood of Thundertusks and the breath of Gorkamorka. When a Frostlord claims leadership of his Alfrostun, he takes up the spear of his predecessor or crafts his own, the weapon becoming a badge of his rank. In battle, the spear not only punches through armour and flesh but also carries a killing cold, as if the Everwinter itself were caged within its wickedly barbed head. They can also lash out with punches and kicks.[2][4]

A Frostlord who rides to war on a Thundertusk is a blizzard-cloaked warlord, a true herald of the Everwinter that follows in his tribe’s wake. The permanent aura of magical cold emanating from his mount has chilled the ogor’s very soul, leaving him as a pitiless hunter who cares for nothing but bringing down his prey. The Thundertusks can pound foes with crushing blows of their hooves and tusks, or shatter them with blasts of magical frost-wreathed ice.[1][2]

Crashing through everything in his path, a Frostlord seated atop a Stonehorn is virtually unstoppable, the hooves and horns of his granite-boned steed grinding enemies into paste. From the back of is lumbering mount, the Frostlord can see far across the battlefield. His booming voice directs his raiders to the most vulnerable flanks of the foe – where the Frostlord on Stonehorn rides, brutality follows.[3][4]