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Charging into battle without hesitation, screaming war cries at a cowering foe while hefting enormous war-axes, the Duardin Fyreslayers are the descendants of the shattered warrior god Grimnir. They bear runes of shining ur-gold hammered into their flesh - ur-gold which, they believe, contains the very essence of Grimnir himself, giving the incredible strength for which they are notorious. Since the Age of Myth they have travelled the Mortal Realms searching for this precious bounty, offering their services to any who will pay; more than mere mercenaries, their quest is a matter of spiritual honour. Their fury in combat and unbreakable oaths are legend, and their axes are feared - berserk warriors born for war, the Fyreslayers burn with Grimnir’s fury![1a]


A Path of Blood and Gold

Fyreslayers have a fearsome reputation across the realms. Berserk warriors born for war, they burn with a spiritual rage. The Fyreslayers’ beards are filled with soot as if they have just stepped from the forge, while their callousthese]ed skin shimmers with heat and cinders spill out into the air with each breath they take. By far the most intimidating aspect of a Fyreslayer is his gaze, which burns with all of Grimnir’s fury. A Fyreslayer’s might comes from the pieces of ur-gold hammered into his flesh. When Grimnir and Vulcatrix destroyed each other, Grimnir’s spirit was scattered across the Mortal Realms.[1b]

These divine fragments finally came to rest within veins and hordes of gold, transmuting some of the precious metal into ur-gold. Using the skill of their Runemasters, the Fyreslayers cast this metal into sacred runes, each one heavy with magical might. In ancient rituals, these sigils are bonded to a Fyreslayer, gifting him with great power.[1b]

To the races of the realms, Fyreslayers seem as mercenaries, agreeing to battle only for a hefty price in gold. Yet this is only part of the truth. Fyreslayers do not seek treasure for its own sake. Nor do they covet wealth for what it can buy them; the holds, weapons and lands a lodge owns are all crafted by the toil of its own people. For a Fyreslayer, the gathering of ur-gold is a religious act, one that brings them closer to Grimnir.[1b]

Before a lodge commits to battle, they will make an oath. Whether this is a contract made for pay, or a duardin kneeling before his Runefather, it binds the lodge’s warriors to their task. A Fyreslayer will not break his oath once it has been taken, nor will he accept payment for an oath unfulfilled. Such is the nature of the Fyreslayers, who fight not just for the ur-gold that holds Grimnir, but to be worthy of wearing it in their flesh.[1b]

Temples of Fire

Hidden deep beneath shimmering mountains and behind graven stone doors are the forge-temples of the Fyreslayers. To the ceaseless ring of hammers and the grinding wail of axes being sharpened, the Auric Runemasters cast runes of ur-gold. It is a task reserved for a lodge’s Runemaster alone, as the venerable duardin is the only one skilled enough to discern true ur-gold and extract it from the precious metal that hides it. Even the Auric Runefather, lord of the lodge, defers to the Runemaster when he seeks to know the will of Grimnir. The wisdom of the Runemasters has kept the Fyreslayers alive for centuries, and only the most foolhardy or headstrong Runefathers ignore their counsel.[1c]

The secret of ur-gold is in many ways as much a mystery to the Fyreslayers as it was when they first learned of its divine power. The first followers of Grimnir to find the mineral knew it was somehow connected to their fallen god, but not how. In time, masterwork weapons and armour were created from the metal, for the Fyreslayers have always been great craftsmen. Yet, these ur-gold objects could only impart a small measure of power to their wielders. It was only when the first Runemasters forged symbols of Grimnir for warriors to wear into battle that the true potential of ur-gold was glimpsed. Blazing with white-hot light, these tokens burned their way into the flesh of the Fyreslayers, sending them into a Grimnir-blessed fighting frenzy that saw countless enemies cut down. Eventually, the ur-gold was turned into runes and hammered directly into a warrior’s skin, where its divine energies could take root. The Zharrgrim priests – the Runesmiters – learn the rites that awaken this power in the Fyreslayers, and accompany them to battle.[1c]

Ur-gold is a finite resource, its power consumed in battle as a Fyreslayer fights. To maintain his might, a Fyreslayer must constantly have fresh runes struck into his body. This can leave the duardin craving more should he feel the divine power of Grimnir leaving him, and it is from this hunger that many legends of the Fyreslayers’ gold-lust have been born. Alone, and without the strength of a lodge to guide him, a duardin might be completely consumed by his avarice for ur-gold. Grim tales are told within the magmaholds of lone warriors, such as the Axe of Magorth or the Immolated Slayer, who will even kill their own so they might prise the runes from their remains. Thus do the Runemasters guide the Fyreslayers and their lodges, ensuring that ur-gold is given to those deserving of its blessing, and that no warrior is given more than his due.[1c]

The Axes of Grimnir

Deep down beneath the surface where rivers of fire flow can be found the holds of the Fyreslayers, clinging to islands adrift in seas of molten lava or carved from crystal-laced stone. The duardin seek the mineral wealth of the ground or the heat of the flame, for it is here that can be found the essence of their god. In the Age of Myth, after Grimnir’s destruction, the god’s followers made their home in Aqshy. Here, along the vast volcanic mountain range known as the Salamander’s Spine, the early magmaholds were created. Even today, many centuries later, the largest lodges still live here, and the ground still yields ur-gold and Magmadroth eggs.[1d]

Yet the Fyreslayers have wandered far and wide since the first forge-temples were ignited in the depths of their magmaholds, crossing the realms in search of gold. Following tales of fortune and war, lodges have made their home in every realm from Ghur to Shyish. Selling their services in battle, they have amassed vast vaults of wealth, their holds growing large and deep within the earth.[1d]

In the Jade Kingdoms, many lodges have made their home among Alarielle’s lands, such as those who dwell within the petrified trees of the Forest of Eternal Winter. Rubbing the trees ashen sap into their hair, they have become known as the Paleslayers of Winter, feared by Nurgle’s minions and sylvaneth alike.[1d][1e]

Atop the glittering crystal mountains of Lunarest, in the realm of Hysh, live the Thungur lodge. In graven fortresses of glass, they melt their ur-gold under giant lenses, their flesh glittering with gold dust.[1e]

Among the Shadowlands of Shyish, where the Vale of Forgetfulness turns to mist and nothingness, live the Ulrung lodge. Here, at the edge of the underworld, they fight in the war between living and dead, growing rich off the grave-goods of the departed.[1e]


Grimnir's Last Battle

Aqshy shuddered as Grimnir and the Mother of Salamanders, Vulcatrix, did battle. The ground beneath their feet burned as it was bathed in their molten blood, until with a roar heard all across Aqshy, Grimnir and his foe fell. In that moment, the Fyreslayers were born, Grimnir’s warriors setting out to gather the remnants of their shattered god.[1f]

  • Tongues of Lava - Legend tells that Rumnar-Grimnir founded the Shimmerhold by drinking a caldera dry of lava, and for centuries afterwards, the Runefather glowed like a raging volcano in every battle he fought.[1f]
  • A Bargain with Chaos - The Lofnir lodge made oaths with Chaos Lord Magorak to aid in the destruction of the vast Lantic Empire. To overcome the Gilded Steamgird, the Lofnir mustered a great warthrong of Magmadroths, whose combined flames melted the huge defences.[1f]
  • Fyreblooded Brothers - The Fyrdhand lodge was driven mad with glimmer-lust, turning upon their Runemaster and giving in completely to the ur-gold hunger. For many years, the Fyrdhands raided other Fyreslayer lodges, prising golden runes from the remains of their brothers and desecrating forge-temples. Finally, an alliance of a dozen lodges brought the Fyrdhands to justice, and the treacherous lodge’s Runefather was buried beneath a pile of leaden slag as punishment for bringing dishonour to Grimnir.[1f]
  • The Eternal Keep - The Grumnir lodge attacked the Everliving Keep. Carved from the roots of a Ghyran oak, each time its sylvaneth defenders were slain they grew again. Unwilling to break their oath, the lodge chose to wage endless battle rather than accept defeat.[1f]
  • An Oath Betrayed - After the Hermdar lodge saved the Seven Crystal Cities from Chaos, the cities’ lords refused to pay the Fyreslayers. Enraged by this treachery, Durnir-Grimnir summoned his Lords of the Lodge to visit retribution upon the decadent Crystal Kings. So furious was their vengeance that naught remains of those once-glorious lands.[1f]

The Magmahold Wars

The armies of Chaos sought to destroy the Fyreslayers once and for all. Twisted daemonic siege engines and cunning ratmen sappers battered and clawed their way into countless holds, and soon the dark was filled with the ring of steel and the screams of the dying. Yet after more than a century of war, the Fyreslayers remained, having weathered all the Dark Gods could throw at them.[1g]

  • The Lost Oath - In the Land of Chained Sun, the Vostarg found an oath carved into the helm of a dead Fyreslayer. Without hesitation they took it up, for even in death their word is iron.[1g]
  • The Iron War - Hundreds of Warrior Kinbands sought out ur-gold among the lands of Chamon and became embroiled in the bitter Iron War. In exchange for gold, the duardin fought against the Bloodstone Conclave and their undead legions.[1g]
  • Last stand of the Fyretop Peak - The host of Clepsyrian laid waste to the city of Fyretop Peak, until only the Doomseeker Fyrgrim remained to hold back the Slaaneshi Herald. After scores of daemons fell at Fyrgrim’s feet, Clepsyrian herself stepped forward, though it would be the lone Fyreslayer who carried victory that day.[1g]
  • Grimnir's Master Rune - After doing battle with Nurgle Rotbringers, Runesmiter Forgun ordered his dead cremated to recover their ur-gold. As the sacred metal flowed out of burning flesh, it formed a perfect rune of Grimnir. Empowered by the rune, Forgun and his gathered Runesmiters led an army of Forge Brethren to cleanse the Deepways of taint for centuries to come.[1g]
  • From the Ashes - In retribution for the destruction of the Basalt Hold, the Obsgrum lodge forged an alliance with the Witherwood Gargants. Together, the Fyreslayers and their allies rampaged through countless orruk warclans, returning tenfold the destruction wrought upon them by the greenskins.[1g]

The Time of Flames

A hundred generations after the death of Grimnir, a time of cataclysmic volcanic eruptions shook the Realm of Fire. Many magmaholds were swallowed up by the tortured land in this time. However, the upheavals were also seen as a sign that Grimnir’s spirit was shifting in its molten grave. In the disaster’s wake, tons of ur-gold were brought to the surface, and many new lodges were born during the gold-harvest that followed.[1g]

  • A Foul Feast - Skaven began pillaging Fyreslayer battlefields and stealing the duardin dead before they could be taken to the funeral pyres. The ratmen coveted the power of the ur-gold and consumed Fyreslayer corpses in order to possess it. So began the Pyre War, which saw bitter conflict erupt within underground expanses across the realms.[1h]
  • A Spark in the Shadows - Vostarg Runesons and their Warrior Kinbands rode into the Umbral Gulch on their quest to slay the Midnight Queen. Assailed by life-sapping magic, many perished. Only the Runeson Smurgan made it through the ravine, sustained by the heat of his Magmadroth, to slay the queen on her onyx throne.[1h]

The Call of Gold

Rich new veins of ur-gold were discovered in the Realms of Ghyran, Ghur and Shyish. Heeding Grimnir’s call, hundreds of Runesons set off with their Runefathers’ blessings to found new lodges, sparking the largest Fyreslayer migration since the Time of Flames. Across the realms, armies swelled with duardin mercenaries as new lodges made their presence known.[1h]

  • Between Flame and Fang - The Runemaster of Ryrdnir mustered his Auric Hearthguard to ambush the Shimmerfane warhost. As the Fyreslayers drove the Chaos warriors back under fierce magmapike fire, an army of seraphon descended from the heavens to block their retreat, rending the Tzeentchians apart in a vengeful fury.[1h]
  • Grimnir's Fire - Furios Peak erupted during the Battle of Thundervale, showering Grimwrath Berzerkers and their enemies in ash and flame. Among the falling debris were fragments of ur-gold, which drove the duardin into a battle-frenzy that saw them crush their foes.[1h]
  • A Gathering of Fyrds - Runemasters of no fewer than seven lodges led an alliance of Grand Fyrds into the Dreaming Deeps to plunder an ogor maw-temple covered in glimmering golden teeth.[1h]
  • Belly of the Beast - The Grimwrath Berzerker Umgir was devoured whole by an ash kraken and presumed killed. Days later, the beast keeled over and died – after Umgir hacked his way free.[1h]

A New Age of War

Sigmar’s Tempest is felt even in the forge-temples of the deepest magmaholds. Drawn by the promise of gold and the chance to honour Grimnir in combat, the Fyreslayers join the countless battles of this new conflict. For the first time, lodges settle in Azyr seeking ur-gold, and whispers are heard among the forge-temples that the opening of the gates means Grimnir’s return is close at hand.[1i]

  • A Twisting Golden Path - The Tzeentchian daemon prince Za’tarlac tricked the Ulgrim lodge with illusory ur-gold. Following their deceived Runemaster, the lodge was lured into the Realm of Chaos where Za’tarlac’s minions attacked. The daemon underestimated the might of the lodge, and in a titanic battle the ground was soaked with the ichor of daemon-spawn. His senses cleared at last, the lodge’s Runemaster led his people back to the realms, following the scent of Aqshy’s ur-gold.[1i]
  • A Tomb of Beards - Chaos Lord Feargor the Flayed waged a long and bloody war against the Baeldrag lodge of Ghyran. Bedecked in the flayed faces and beards of his foes, Feargor claimed hundreds of kills alongside his Chaos host at the battles of Razorholm Deeps. It was only when the Runeson Gargum Halfaxe entered the fray on his Magmadroth, Smouldercraw, that Feargor finally met his match. During the battle for the Baeldrag Gilderhold, Smouldercraw pinned the Chaos Lord under her burning claws. Rather than slay his enemy then and there, Gargum instead bound him in his own cloak of beards and buried him in the hot earth below the forge to be slowly roasted alive.[1i]
  • War of Ruins - Fyreslayers warred with Ironjawz orruks across the frozen ruins of the Avalundic Kingdoms. Though the Ice Kings and their peoples were long dead, Grand Fyrds fought on through raging shard-blizzards to honour their warrior oaths to the fallen monarchs.[1i]
  • Grimnir's Test of Steel - A fragment of fyresteel, believed to be part of Grimnir’s own axe, was uncovered beneath the Salamander’s Spine. To this day, only the greatest of Grimwrath Berzerkers may wield it.[1i]
  • A Lightning Oath - Fyreslayers of the Tangrim lodge stood shoulder to shoulder with the Hammers of Sigmar, defending a hidden Realmgate that led straight to Azyr from a rampaging horde of Bloodbound.[1i]
  • The Wild Lodges - Tales of Fyreslayers living in the Vanishing Wilds of Ghur tell of feral duardin daubed in molten metal. Several Runesons of Aqshy rode out to find these lost brothers, but so far none have returned.[1i]

Military: Lodges

Lodges are built around the strength of a single mighty Auric Runefather. Taking the title Grimnir to honour his god, this great Fyreslayer warrior is the descendant of a bloodline that stretches back to the Age of Myth, a time when their god walked among the Mortal Realms. At the Runefather’s side stand his Runesons, each a skilled fighter and bold leader, who may in time inherit his duty of overall leadership of the lodge. It is a system that has endured for countless generations and has seen the Fyreslayers grow strong in Grimnir’s service, prospering in spite of the brutality of the Age of Chaos.[1j]

It is by the will of a Runefather that his Vulkite Berzerkers, Hearthguard and Runesons are marshalled for battle, and the size and strength of the formations he musters will vary from lodge to lodge. Some, like the most ancient magmaholds of Aqshy, boast many thousands of Vulkite Berzerkers and hundreds of Hearthguard, arrayed around dozens of Runesons atop Magmadroths – each son eager to prove his worth to his father and his god. Others, such as lodges in remote lands or those newly formed by former Runesons, are but a handful of brave warriors led by a single Runefather.[1j]

Alongside the Runefather and his sons stand the Runemaster and Runesmiters of the lodge’s priesthood. Of vital importance in the structure of the lodge, the Zharrgrim priesthood keeps the ur-gold and shapes it into runes. It also falls to them to advise the Runefather and his sons in battle, as well as ensure the magic of Grimnir flows strong within the lodge’s warriors. Finally there are the Grimwrath Berzerkers, who stand outside the structures of the Fyreslayers. Truly blessed by Grimnir, they are akin to avatars of destruction, through which the ancient might of Grimnir lives on.[1j]


  • Baeldrag - Scions of the Vostarg, the Baeldrag lodge dwell within the Wandering Mountains of Ghyran. The titanic living peaks tolerate the Fyreslayers’ presence, for the lodge keeps in check the skaven that burrow into their bones with corrupting warpstone drills. As the peaks roam the Realm of Life, they often carry the Baeldrag to undiscovered sources of ur-gold.[1m]
  • Baeyrd.[1T]
  • Blackfyrd.[1T]
  • Caengan - Long ago, the Caengan lodge settled in the Realm of Ulgu seeking hidden ur-gold in the mists. Forming pacts with the Shadowkin in clandestine wars, the lodge has learned the subtle ways of battle from the Shroudling Kings.[1m][1S]
  • Drong.[1T]
  • Gelvagd - The Gelvagd too moved to Azyrheim, seeing the opportunity in Sigmar’s city. Stone-hearted mercenaries, they offer aid to those setting out from the Eternal City, lending their axes to aelf, man and duardin alike.[1m]
  • Greyfyrd - The Greyfyrds are fierce crusaders who dwell within the Gateswold realm nexus. It is foretold by the lodge’s priests that only when Grimnir returns will the Greyfyrds cease their realm-spanning campaigns.[1l][1P][1Q][1R]
  • Hermdar: Hermdar is a name well known among the Aqshy Pale. Oath-takers and skull-breakers, the lodge has played a vital role in preserving the freedom of the region’s peoples during the long Age of Chaos.[1l][1T]
  • Lofnir - The Lofnir lodge of Ghur boast vaults filled with Magmadroth eggs, and rear more of the beasts than any other lodge. They often march to war with the ogors of that realm, who pay them in mounds of plundered gold.[1l][1S]
  • Sigyorn - Fyreslayers of the Sigyorn lodge make their home among the Forge Cities of Chamon, and are well known for their nose for ur-gold. It is said that whether a Sigyorn swings a pick or an axe, he is sure to find rich rewards.[1l][1S]
  • Tangrim - A young lodge, the Tangrim were founded soon after Sigmar opened the Gates of Azyr, seeking ur-gold in that hitherto inaccessible realm. They have swiftly gained a reputation as doughty and honourable warriors.[1m][1T]
  • Thungur - The Thungur lodge rule the glimmering peaks of Lunarest in Hysh from their impossibly high skyhold. Using vast crystal lenses carved out of the diamond-faced mountains, they channel the light cast from the realm’s many ethereal moons. The glittering beams fuel the lodge’s forges, granting them the power to churn out ur-gold runes with a striking pale cast.[1m][1S]
  • Ulrung - The Ulrung lodge have long endured in Shyish beneath a pall of thick white ash, which they use to daub grim markings upon their skin. They fight the Wars of the Dead, reaping a fearful harvest for any who dare to treat with them.[1m][1T]
  • Volturung - The Volturung are one of the oldest and most revered lodges of Aqshy, and are famed for the skill of their Runesmiters. The bones of their enemies lie thick before the gates of their mountain home above the Broken Plains.[1l]
  • Vostarg - Most powerful of the Cynder Peaks lodges are the Vostarg. For generations they have held their magmahold beneath Furios Peak, its halls overflowing with the trophies of countless Runefathers and their sons.[1l][1M][1N][1O]

Main Formations

  • Lords of the Lodge - Led by the will of the Runefather and guided by the wisdom of the Runemaster, the Lords of the Lodge are the white-hot core of a Fyreslayer army, their burning rage tempered by sacred oaths of war.[1I]
  • Warrior Kinbad - Filled with the fierce fighting spirit of Grimnir, the Warrior Kinband hurls itself into the foe amid a blur of fyresteel, enemies felled by glinting axes and the berserk fury of the Fyreslayers.[1J]
  • Forge Brethren - Shrouded in the shimmering heat of the forge-temple, the Forge Brethren blast enemies to ash and form blazing barricades of lava with sustained volleys of fire from their magmapikes.[1K]
  • Grand Fyrd - When the war anvils ring to the sounds of a great battle, the Runefather will form a Grand Fyrd,gathering up the warriors of his lodge into a mighty host of berserk fighters to sweep away his foes.[1L]

Main Units


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