Honour. Sacrifice. Duty. These are important concepts to all Stormcast Eternals, but none revere their sacred task like the warriors of the Hallowed Knights. Only those who worshipped Sigmar and called upon him for aid against the horrors of Chaos found themselves selected by incandescent rapture to join that Stormhost. There, in Sigmaron, they were reforged and inducted into the devout Hallowed Knights, with the message that it was not Sigmar who would help them, but rather they that would aid Sigmar. This elevation filled Gardus, consuming him utterly. No one trained harder or performed more impressively in the Gladitorium than did Gardus, for the honour the God-King bestowed weighed heavy upon him. Indeed, despite his great successes during the training battles of the Gladitorium, Gardus remained apprehensive about his ability to live up to the divine blessings gifted to him until his first true combat as a Stormcast Eternal at the Battle for the Gates of Dawn. There, he would prove himself beyond doubt.[1a]


Lord-Celestant Gardus is a living beacon of hope. Even as a mortal he made ithis life’s work to defend those in need. When his grand hospice was assailed by Skinstealers, he took up two massive iron candlesticks and fought to the death in its defence. At the last, Sigmar answered his prayer for strength, snatching his soul to Azyr and Reforging him as a lord amongst warriors. His first battle as a Stormcast saw him plunge through the Gates of Dawn in order to draw the immense greater daemon Bolathrax away from his men, little realising that the portal led to the hellish lands of Nurgle’s Garden. He emerged alive, though only just, and was slain soon after in the battle for Athelwyrd. His subsequent Reforging has seen him return to the Mortal Realms with a blazing aura, like sunlight upon snow. Those who whisper that he was tainted by his ordeal in Nurgle’s Garden need only to look upon him to see the truth – his purity is more powerful than ever.[2a]


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