Born upon a fever victim’s deathbed many centuries ago, the Beastlord Gluhak has a brutish appearance that belies a cunning mind. It was ancient Gluhak that laid the traps, brewed the poisons and organised the hunting sorties that – over the course of a week-long hunt – brought the elder beast Brondtos to its knees. Though the creature was unkillable, one of its many horns was hacked away by Gluhak’s mutant giants and consecrated in the name of the Urfather, Nurgle.

It is this artefact that Gluhak dragged up to Profane Tor and fashioned into a brayhorn so powerful its rasping note can be heard by Grandfather Nurgle himself. Gluhak tells his tribe that any who sound the horn without the Plague Lord’s permission will sink into the loam, never to surface. In truth, his jealous guardianship of the Dirgehorn stems not from zeal, but from a desire to personally twist and pervert every hale and healthy life form in the Jade Kingdoms.


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