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Old beyond mortal thought, strange and grim in thought and deed – they care only for lore and the hidden secrets of ancient things.The Old King of Gnarlroot Glade claims to have been podborn during Alarielle’s first sowing, in the mists of the Age of Myth. The clans of his glade are hidebound traditionalists, deeply suspicious of new concepts and peoples. The Gnarlroot clans prize knowledge and lore above all things, and have many Treelord Ancients and Branchwyches amongst their ranks. They seek knowledge from any source, often with a determination bordering on compulsion, and so will set aside their wariness to ally themselves with mages and scholars of any race. (Order 25-26)

The Sowing

  • In the Age of Myth, Alarielle walked her garden realm, on Ghyran, and sowed her seeds in lakes of light and sighing glades. From golden mountains to the ocean depths, Alarielle planted soulpod groves, and from these enchanted plants came the first of the Sylvaneth. The first were the ancestors of the Oakenbrow and Gnarlroot Glades, though more Sylvaneth soon followed. (Order 18)

Clans of Gnarlroot Glade

  • Clan Durnoth (Paint 18-19)
  • Clan Hudson (White 76-89)

Known members of Gnarlroot Glade

Famous Battles of the Gnarlroot Host

  • The First Siege of the Silvered Grove - A vast Rotbringer army laid siege to the Silvered Grove, greatest stronghold of Gnarlroot Glade. Household after Household sallied out to drive the Nurgle hordes from the ancient rootbridges, while a conclave of Treelord Ancients, unleash life magics to tear their attackers apart. A final counter-attack destroys the last of the would be invaders. Eventually, the plague horde was broken, though the cost was steep. (Order 19; Battle, 2019 19)
  • Silvered Grove Defiant - By pooling their magical power, the Treelord Ancients of Gnarlroot Glade are able to foil a massive Maggotkin assault on the Silvered Grove. Illusions lead thousands of Putrid Blightkings into a cloying morasswhere their corpulence sees them sink waist-deep into the mud, rendering them easy prey for enraged dryads. (Battle, 2019 19)

Gnarlroot WarGroves


No other Sylvaneth army can match the sorcerous might wielded by the Wargroves of Gnarlroot Glade. At their head stride Treelord Ancients who were old even before Sigmar's Patheon was formed, attended by Branchwyches and Branchwraiths privy to the myriad forbidden secrets of their gnarled lords. (Order 122)


  • Seekers Knowledge - Gnarlroot Clans prize arcane knowledge and spell lore above all things. A Gnarlroot Treelord Ancient , Branchwych, or Branchwraith is allowed to attempt to cast one extra spell in each of their hero phases, and unbind one extra spell in each enemy phase. (Paint 18-19)
  • Shield the Arcane - Re-roll hit rolls of 1 for attacks made by friendly Gnarlroot units while they are wholly within 12" of any friendly Gnarlroot Wizards. (Battle, 2019 74)


Each Gnarlroot Wizard also knows the following Spell. (Order 122)

  • Verdurous Harmony - The Wizard plucks the youngest sprouts of magic and uses then to renew the broken forms of fallen warriors. Verdorous Harmony has a casting value of 7. If successfully cast, select a friendly Sylvaneth unit within 18". One model in that unit that has been slain earlier during the battle is returned to life. Return D3 slain models to the unit instead if they are Dryads or Tree-Revenants. (Order 122)


A Gnarlroot Wargrove must contain the Following (Order 122):

A Gnarlroot Wargrove may also contain the following:

  • 0-1 Lords of the Clan Battalion
  • 0-2 Household Battalions - (plus Household Battalion, mentioned above, with Treelord Ancient)
  • 0-3 Forest Folk Battalions - (each battalion, can contain 1 additional Branchwraith)
  • 0-1 Free Spirits Battalions
  • 0-1 Outcasts Battalions
  • 0-1 Order Wizard
  • Any number of Sylvaneth units - (The Gnarlroot clans prize knowledge and lore above all things, and have many Treelord Ancients and Branchwyches amongst their ranks (Order 26))

If a Gnarlroot Wargrove contains the maximum number of battalions, it gains the Mighty Wyldwood ability. (Order 122)