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The ground shudders at the onset of the Goretide. This immense Warhorde dedicated to the Blood God Khorne is less a mighty army than it is an entire nation of bloody-minded killers, all bent on the utter annihilation of all in their path.

The Goretide have toppled mighty castles and sprawling cities, erecting baroque, spike-encrusted fortresses in their place. They have murdered great armies, exterminated thriving peoples and taken the heads of kings, heroes and saints beyond number.

All fear the coming of the Goretide, and the merest rumour of their approach is enough to send warriors fleeing in mortal terror.[1a]

Though innumerable champions swell the Goretide's ranks, the Warhorde's unstoppable impetus is the work of a single man. Their leader, Khorgos Khul, has forged the Goretide into one of the largest and most notorious Bloodbound Warhordes in the Mortal Realms.

It is his commands that drive the vast horde ever onward, and his words that have condemned entire civilisations to death beneath blood-stained axes.[1a]

Known members of the Goretide

  • Mordax Slaughterthirst - Exalted Deathbringer and second to Khorgos Khul himself, is clad in the blood red and brass of his Warhorde.
  • Lakshar Bloodspeaker - Khorgos Khul’s chief Slaughterpriest. The priest’s flesh is marked with bloody warpaint to show his favour.
  • Threx Skullbrand - Gorechosen Bloodsecrator and favoured of Khorne. The skulls of heroes adorn his chest armour.
  • Vekh the Flayer - Gorechosen Bloodstoker. Vekh’s pale, bruised skin stands out against the dark red of his armour.