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Gorkamorka is the twin-headed Orruk god, actually an agglomeration of two separate gods who were originally a single being, the cunning and brutal Gork, and the brutal and cunning Mork.

The two gods are restored to a single entity whenever enough Greenskins gather in one place. Gorkamorka is the greatest of the idols worshipped by the Greenskins.

During the Age of Myth, he crashed across creation leaving mighty fist-prints in the land as he waged war on everything in his path, while hordes of Orruks followed him on his rampage of destruction.[1a]


For as long as Orruks have plagued civilisation, the booming laughter and thunderous footsteps of Gorkamorka have resounded across the Mortal Realms. Gorkamorka is not one god but two, having long ago torn himself apart after a particularly spectacular falling out with himself. These two halves are known as Gork and Mork.

Both gods share many aspects of the other, Mork being brutally cunning, while Gork is more cunningly brutal in nature. Crude images are often found smeared on walls, ruins and caves depicting Gork (or maybe Mork) hammering enemies with his club or stomping them under his great unwashed feet.

When enough Orruks gather together the two gods merge once more into Gorkamorka, working as one. Ironjawz follow Gork and Mork equally, calling out to one or the other depending on which is most likely to help them beat their victims to death.[1a]

Before he ripped himself in two, Gorkamorka was the feral champion in Sigmar's pantheon of gods during the Age of Myth, the Pantheon of Order, and was often the first of the Incarnates to be loosed on the foe. To win the Orruk god's respect, Sigmar had to best him in contests of strength that raged all across the realms of Ghur and Azyr. [1a]

Orruks tell stories of this time, trying to outdo each other with tales of their god's many scraps and his rivalry with the Hammer God. One such story tells of when Sigmar and Gorkamorka had an eating contest, grabbing up great fistfuls of the realms and stuffing them into their mouths.[1a]

Sigmar ate a fiery mountain, so Gorkamorka drank an ocean. Sigmar inhaled the sky, his throat flickering with lightning, but Gorkamorka bested him by devouring the vast Kingdom of Thrun, and its people live in his belly to this day.

Another tale recounts how the gods arm-wrestled over the Vargorth Shardplains, the mighty contests shattering their glass peaks and creating two great lakes.

A tale told in Ghur says Gorkamorka took up Sigmar's great warhammer Ghal Maraz and knocked him clear across all Eight Realms, and the gods laughed afterwards at the devastation it had wrought. Even now, Ironjawz respect Sigmar's strength and know that his boys are always good for a fight.[1a]