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The Grand Congregation of Nurgle is the name collectively given to the Chaos-worshipping armies that roamed abroad in Ghyran. Amongst their number were diseased tribes of beastmen, hosts of droning plague daemons, scurrying swarms of Plague Monks and gangrenous Rotbringer warriors determined to claim Ghyran for their own.

Though they were far from the only Chaos forces to assail Ghyran, the armies of the Grand Congregation were led by some of the most potent champions ever to have given their bodies and souls to Nurgle. So great is the Lord of Plagues’ desire to take the Jade Kingdoms for his own that he will stop at nothing to claim them, even if it means unleashing every foul spell and contagion ever brewed in his legendary cauldron.

Suppurating foulness leaks from diseased rents and fat boils all across the bodies of Nurgle’s servants. Everything about these warriors is rotten and foul, whether they are hulking Putrid Blightkings or hunched, chittering Plague Monks. Weapons and armour crawl with rust and pox, their edges stained with poisonous filth.

Flapping robes and cloth are hued in dull greens, browns and greys, caked with muck and teeming with fat lice. Their claws, teeth and jutting horns are the colour of mouldering bone, while their fleshy hides vary from the pale white of a bloated corpse, to the foul grey of spoiled gruel.

The banners that these disease-ridden warriors hoist aloft display the vile signs of their masters, ranging from the three foul orbs of Nurgle to the jagged rune-scratch of Clan Pestilens. Each of these profane symbols brings horror to the foe in equal measure, for all know that the onset of the legions of Nurgle heralds sickness and woe without end.