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Mercenary wanderers, the Greyfyrd lodge travel the realms in

The symbol of the Greyfyrd lodge.

search of precious ur-gold to smelt within their forges. From the heart of their great magmahold Gateswold, where portals to many realms lurk beneath megalithic obstinite mountains, the Greyfyrds embark on crusades into the far reaches of the Mortal Realms. In many realms the lodge are much sought-after as mercenaries, and their warriors have changed the fates of the Ninefold Kingdoms of Obsidia, the Gloom tribes of Shyish and the Neolantic Bloodlands among uncounted others.[1a][1b]

Generations of war have given rise to many legendary heroes among the Greyfyrds. Among them stands the Grimwrath Berzerker Braegrom, Blessed of Grimnir. The flames of battle shimmering off the blade of his fyrestorm greataxe, Braegrom is a terror on the battlefield as he carves a path of red ruin through his foes. To the rest of his lodge, Braegrom is a pure expression of their warrior god, a portion of Grimnir’s spirit given flesh and sent to the Mortal Realms to wage war.[1a][1b]


The distinctive silver sheen of his Vulkite Berzerker’s fyresteel axes contrasts with the ur-gold they wears. Their bladed slingshields are typical of duardin ingenuity in war. Fyreslayers commonly wear stylised images of their ancestors to venerate them. Fyreslayers never wear boots, so that they might be closer to the fragments of Grimnir that still lie imprisoned in the earth. Greyfyrd helm crests are predominantly black, with white stripes for variation. Each smoulders with an inner fire.[1c]

Battlesmith Argrum’s twinned helmcrests not only reveal his high station but also mark him out as a veteran of many battles. Grimnir’s fiery visage features heavily upon Runemaster Paerum’s weaponry, from his sacred brazier to his ceremonial runic iron. Runesmiter Augorn’s armour has been crafted to appear as though the roaring flames of the forge-temple are rising from it. Grimwrath Berzerker Braegrom is aliving legend within his magmahold, many the deeds wrought with his axe. Runefather Hursgar-Grimnir wears runes of battle in his beard, cast from spent ur-gold taken from the fallen. Runeson Hursgum favours ur-goldrunes of speed in his legs to hastenhim to the thick of the fight.[1d]

Known members of the Greyfyrd lodge