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Grimnir is the duardin god of war and fire. In the flaming footsteps of Grimnir walk the Duardin known as the Fyreslayers. Grimnir was brother to Grungni, the duardin god of mining and craft. One was filled with the fury of battle, the other tempered by the forge.


Icon of Grimnir found among the Fyreslayers.

Grimnir was a wrathful and hot-tempered god always ready for a fight from whoever or whatever would offer challenge and his children follow his footsteps. An age ago, when Sigmar freed the shackled duardin gods from atop the tallest of the Iron Mountains of Chamon, the God-King manipulated Grimnir into giving a warrior oath, and so he was forced to seek out Vulcatrix, Mother of Salamanders.[1a]

As Grimnir strode the Realm of Aqshy, Vulcatrix uncoiled like a molten river from between smoke-belching peaks. Gleaming blade and burning fang met in a shower of sparks, each blazing ember outshining the stars as god sought to best monster. Fyreslayers tell that it was Vulcatrix’s spite that claimed Grimnir's life. Even as she died the Great Salamander erupted, levelling mountains and scattering the two gods across the realms, the flames of Aqshy and the spirit of Grimnir forever intertwined. It is from this explosion that ur-gold was created; to this day, the Fyreslayers believe that ur-gold contains a portion of Grimnir's divine energies.[1a]


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