As legend goes, when the Vostarg lodge abandoned Vosforge,

Grumgen-Grimnir - Runefather of the Baeldrag lodge.

Grumgen-Grimnir’s forefather four times removed was one of those to make the journey to Ghyran in search of ur-gold. There, he founded the Baeldrag lodge on the back of the Wandering Mountains, and Grumgen’s people grew rich upon the wars between the sylvaneth and their foes. The mountains themselves tolerate the presence of the duardin, as long as they do not delve too deeply into their stony hides. However, the skaven have also set their sights upon the nomadic peaks, doubtless to work some foul scheme of the Horned Rat. If there is one thing Grumgen hates more than anything else, it is skaven. Ever since his sons Grumgar and Grumgor were captured by the Grey Seer Kritket Doomeye and stitched into the abomination Ummglug, Grumgen has taken the opportunity to slay skaven wherever it arises. Grumgen has learned from battles in the pay of the sylvaneth that the skaven are, ironically, a reliable source of ur-gold, given their penchant for eating dead Fyreslayers, runes and all.[1a]


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