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Grungni is an Incarnate deity of the Duardin race, the god of mining and smithing. He is a master of metalcraft and the father of his race. He led the Duardin and established the Iron Karak.

Grungni and Grimnir were both found by Sigmar whilst he was exploring the Iron Mountains. They were both imprisoned on the highest summit and were freed by Sigmar. Once freed, Grungni pledged to settle his debt to Sigmar by offering to help create whatever he wished.

Grungni then went on to forge the Stormcast Eternals during the Age of Chaos. He does so no more, however, as tension rose between Sigmar and Grungni after Grimnir was killed settling his debt to the God-King by fighting against the Godbeast Vulcatrix.

Grungni is part of the accumulation of Duardin gods in the Mortal Realms known as the Ancestor Gods. They include Vhulkhaya, god of brew and gold, Grimnir, god of battle and grudge, Morgrim, god of engineering and thought, Gazul, king of the Duardin dead, Grednir, god of gem and artistry, and Thungni, god of runesmithing.


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