A Vanguard-Pallador riding a Gryph-charger.

Gryph-chargers are steeds ridden by the Vanguard Auxiliary Chambers of the Stormcast Eternals, such as the Vanguard-Palladors and their Lord-Aquilors. By transmuting into lightning, Gryph-chargers can move along the winds aetheric faster than the eye can follow. They are four-legged beasts, with a beaked and horned head, clawed front legs and hooved back legs. They can cause mortal wounds with their razor beak and claws.

The bond between a would-be Vanguard-Pallador and their mount may be forged in a variety of ways. Sometimes, a Gryph-charger will witness a Vanguard-Hunter fighting against impossible odds, and dive in to fight alongside them when the battle seems all but lost. Should the Stormcast Eternal succeed and acquit themselves with the proper degree of respect, the Gryph-charger will allow itself to be cleansed by them of blood and dirt. This usually signals the start of a lifelong bond, for Gryph-chargers are drawn to displays of humility and strength of character. At other times, a Vanguard-Hunter, upon locating a prospective steed, will follow it on a long and gruelling hunt; only one with the boundless stamina and resourcefulness of a Stormcast Eternal Ranger could hope to keep pace. At pursuit's end, the shared kill is often enough for the Gryph-charger to finally accept its new companion. Under such circumstances is a deadly new asset to Sigmar's Stormhosts born in the form of a Vanguard-Pallador.



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