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A Guardian of Souls

A Guardian of Souls keeps vigil over the dead whilst driving those around them to the heights of malice. When one of these sorcerous spectres goes to war, hundreds of the living dead are drawn to their lantern’s.[1b]


Each Guardian of Souls is a nexus of undead energy. Once, they were lesser Necromancers that used amethyst magic to further their own cause, yet their arcane knowledge was not enough to keep them alive. Nagash eventually claimed their souls, shaping them to better fit his needs. Now they use their spells not for their own ends, but to summon more Nighthaunts or restore spirits damaged in battle.[1a]

In addition to a deadly chill blade or heavy maul of judgement, Guardians of Souls bear either a nightmare lantern or a mortality glass. A nightmare lantern is a ghostly beacon lit by the Flame of Nagashizzar. The mind-chilling smoke they exude does not rise up to the heavens, but instead drifts down towards the field of battle. Nearby Nighthaunts are invigorated by the wafting vapours, and a Guardian of Souls can channel the lantern so that the cold fingers of smoke snake through the earth, beckoning spirits to rise out of their graves or chilling mortal foes to death. A Guardian with a mortality glass can slow time, making oncoming enemies feel as if trapped in a nightmare. The arcane spectre can also use sorcery to distort the hourglass, allowing nearby Nighthaunts to move with terrifying swiftness.[1a]


A Guardian of Souls is armed with a Chill Blade in one hand and carries a Nightmare Lantern in the other.[2]