Gutrot Spume.

Gutrot Spume, the Lord of Tentacles, is the commander of Nurgle’s plague fleets, vast galleons of rotten wood and putrid caulk that sail the void. In the Realm of Life, this foul armada burst forth from the grimy slop of the Rotwater, unclean fluids sluicing from their hulls as the drowned warriors that once manned their timbers shouted gargling warcries. Spume’s flagship is no true vessel, but a titanic rot-kraken – an old ally of Spume’s that now drags its way across Ghyran’s reaches, a slimy trail stretching behind it as its tentacles uproot elder oaks like saplings.[1a]

With such power at his behest and an army of Nurgle’s champions behind him, Gutrot Spume has grown arrogant indeed, if his fellow commander Torglug is to be believed. Perhaps, though, it is his indomitable self-belief that is his greatest strength. Only time will reveal whether he is truly a match for the Stormcast Eternals invading his master’s annexed Realm.[1a]


Gutrot Spume is armed with a Rot-pocked Axe and grasps at his foe with a mass of Flailing Tentacles.[1b]



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