Hagg Nar lies deep in the Umbral Veil, the darkest region of the Shadowlands. The first of the Daughters of Khaine temples, it was built atop the Helleflux, a geyser of shadow magic that spews shrouding mists. The greatest icons of their cult are here, including the Svartlepit and the master cauldron, the Mathcoir. None perform the blood rituals with as much authority as do the Daughters of the First Temple, as those from Hagg Nar are known amongst their kind. They worship Khaine in all his guises, and control several lesser temples in Ulgu as well as smaller shrines in many of the Cities of Sigmar. Always ready to convert blood into tribute, there are no war covens more likely to march with a Cauldron of Blood than those from Hagg Nar.


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