When the war for the Scabrous Sprawl began, Hakfang was but a humble Clanrat fighting amidst the faceless swarms of Clan Mors. Through cunning, violence and no small measure of luck, that Clanrat fought his way up through the ranks of his clan. He flung many of his rivals to the mercy of the storm-things that struck with such devastating force, and personally disposed of the rest. Hakfang sabotaged the wonder weapons of Warlock Engineers, stabbed his superiors with the stolen weapons of his foes, and pushed engine masters into their own furnaces. Finally, he slew former Warlord Skuttklaw with a blade in the back and offered his corpse up to Verminlord Gnawsoul himself. Now, finally, Hakfang possessed the power he had always known he deserved, and he intended to use it to win the war that the Warlock Engineers had been making such a mess of. Soon he would lead the Clans Verminus to final victory – from the rear, of course.


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