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Hollowed Knights fighting Nurgle hosts

The Hallowed Knights: The Faithful

The Faithful, the Silver Saviours, the Soul Guardians The Hallowed Knights are holy crusaders all. Their inner strength and purity of spirit is legendary. They fervently believe in Sigmar’s supremacy, and pray to him day and night for the strength to smite his enemies. They were made to suffer the woes of each of the worlds, and to overcome them.

The Hallowed Knights are a Stormhost of the Stormcast Eternals, wearing silver sigmarite armours. They are so pure of spirit that the magic of Chaos has little effect on them. The Hallowed Knights joined Sylvaneth forces against the Nurgle armies in the Realm of Ghyran.[1][2][3][4][5]

  • The Hallowed Knights - Are the first Stormcast Eternals to enter Ghyran, crashing down before the Gates of Dawn. (Core 95)
  • Queen of Malice - Drycha’s claims that their mother was gone for good moved many sylvaneth to join her ranks, several clans of Dreadwood Glade foremost amongst them. She assembled a vast Wargrove, leading her followers on a destructive rampage that left millions dead. (Order 20)
  • The Fading of the Everqueen - The Hallowed Knights search for Alarielle, entering the hidden valley of Athelwyrd at the end of their long quest. (Core 95)
  • Infamous Battle of Black Hallow - the clans of Dreadwood were forced to ally with the Hallowed Knights to prevail over the Nightmare Host. Sigmar’s warriors were horrified at the spite and cruelty of their fey allies, though the sheer monstrosity of their enemies was a more pressing concern. (Order 20)

Zealous beyond measure, loyal beyond question, the Hallowed Knights are driven to fight with unrelenting fervour. They consider the war against Chaos to be a sacred quest for which no sacrifice is too great. The Hallowed Knights were the fourth Stormhost to be founded, and have a strong religious culture, valuing prayer, ritual and hymns of praise so highly that even Sigmar himself has expressed unease at the intensity of their worship for him. The first canticle of their kindred – ‘Much is demanded of those to whom much is given’ – guides them in all that they do, for they do not take the privilege of Sigmar’s strength lightly

The Hallowed Knights are selfless warriors that go to battle in burnished silver armour accented with rich gold and the royal blue of the heavens. Though they set off to war in raiment that glitters like a pure stream in the summer sun, it is never long before that shining sigmarite is clotted, discoloured, bloodstained, and smeared with filth. For these warriors do not shy away from that which needs to be done, and willingly fight the direst foes in the most hostile environments imaginable – indeed, they seek them out, and will never baulk at plunging into jeopardy in order to pierce the rotten heart of Chaos with their blades. It is said that more than one amongst them has strayed into the hellscape of Nurgle’s Garden, and some have even emerged from the trial alive – traumatised, but somehow still sane, and even more determined in their duty to cleanse the realms

No matter how sullied or tarnished these warriors become, their souls have thus far remained spotless and strong. So formidable is their will that evil magic cannot easily gain purchase upon them. Some amongst the free warriors of Azyr have reported seeing the mutative energies of Chaos running from the Hallowed Knights’ armour as if it were no more dangerous than brackish sludge.

In some Hallowed Knights chambers it has become their custom to wear, locked away in a reliquary or casket, the remnants of something unutterably foul – perhaps the severed finger of a Putrid Blightking, or even a Nurgle-thorn plucked from the legendary Lord-Celestant Gardus’ armour after his return from the Realm of Chaos. The reasoning goes that if the wearer can withstand the vile energies of such a thing, they can prove their soul’s purity beyond a doubt. By hardening their resolve each day, they are made all but immune to the rot that might otherwise overwhelm them

There are those who have contracted a sickness or blight from the Plaguefather’s cursed diseases, but whose bodies are so imbued with the energies of Azyr that their flesh constantly burns itself clean in a process of rot and renewal that leaves them heavily scarred on the outside, but still pure within. Some find their armour melded with their flesh by the cycle of purge and infection, and spend their days in constant agony – small wonder they are always amongst those who volunteer for the most desperate and dangerous theatres of battle. They fear no evil and welcome a martyr’s death, for their trust in the God-King is absolute.

In the minds of these most faithful warriors, to be reforged is to be distilled into an ever cleaner, ever purer life-form, getting closer to the God-King with each rebirth. Those who have been reforged many times in Sigmar’s service – of which the humble Lord-Celestant Gardus is unquestionably the most holy – might have a nimbus-like halo, or emit a lambent celestial light from the chinks in their armour as their inner radiance shines out.

Since Alarielle gave her blessing to the Hallowed Knights during the Realmgate Wars, there has been talk of a glowing figure sighted in and around their foremost Stormkeeps. Known only as the Silvered Saint, this androgynous, feather-winged being appears in reflections and even bodies of water to lend its blessing to those afflicted by doubt in times of great need.

On several occasions the blazing white fires of the Hallowed Knights’ zeal have guttered in the face of Chaos, but they have never been truly extinguished. They have a sacred duty as the spiritual guardians of the Free Peoples and they would fight the same battles a hundred times over if called upon to do so. With their grand war effort coordinated from the Shining Citadel, their principal Stormkeep in the Aqshian city of Hallowheart, they bring justice and zeal to every land befouled by the worst excesses of Chaos.


The war for Rotwater Blight forever changed the Hallowed Knights. When first hurled into battle they were fresh, clean of limb and mind, but their long battle against the foulness of Nurgle has left its mark. Though none of the Stormhost’s number have fallen to Nurgle’s plagues, the sights they saw in Rotwater Blight will haunt them forever. On several occasions their blazing zeal guttered in the face of the horrible sights and fates that awaited them, but the fires of their faith can never truly be extinguished. Wiser, sterner and all the deadlier for their experiences, these steel-souled knights of Sigmar would fight through a thousand infested battlescapes if it meant securing victory for their God-King.[1b]

None shine with such burning purity as the Hallowed Knights. Clad in silver sigmarite, armour and weapons crawling with skeins of pure white lightning, these warriors bear the light of Sigmar into battle against their foes. No unclean creature can stand before such righteous ire and light. In an explosion of silver light, the shining heroes of the Hallowed Knights descend from Sigmar’s Tempest to bring vengeance against their foes. Every single Hallowed Knight was raised up from the Mortal Realms for the purity of his faith, his strength of belief in Sigmar as the God-King of all. Like a blade folded again and again in the heat of the furnace, the Reforging has only served to strengthen the Hallowed Knights’ faith a hundredfold. Now they are a shining beacon of light that illuminates even the darkest and most terrible places.[1]

This glorious purity is reflected in their panoply of war. Every curving plate of sigmarite armour gleams, shimmering silver interspersed with rich gold. Their shoulder guards are the deep, regal blue of the heavens, as are the sigmarite shields borne by the Stormhost’s Liberators. Against these dark colours the Stormcast Eternals’ noble devices are proudly displayed. These are emblazoned in untarnished silver and purest white, reflecting the holy fire that burns in each Hallowed Knight’s heart.[1]


Warrior chambers

  • Forged of the Storm - They fought to reach the nearby citadel of Yatlan.[5]
  • Steel Souls - Warrior Chamber of Lord-Celestant Gardus.[2a]

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