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None braver are there, and none more true. Never was a name more apt, for they are the surging heartwood of their race entire.The clans of Heartwood Glade are said to be the most courageous and determined of all the sylvaneth. This glade has long worshipped the hunting god Kurnoth as Alarielle’s spirit-consort and equal. Since the appearance of the Kurnoth Hunters, the clans of Heartwood have made every effort to welcome them and facilitate their hidden missions if they can. When a Wild Hunt is called, many members of Heartwood heed the call, and its Wargroves have fought in some of the most savage battles of Alarielle’s new war.


During Alarielle's Hiding

  • Heartwood's Revenge - Early in the Age of Chaos, Heartwood Glade lost Verdantia in Ghur to a Tzeentchian daemon lord. Then, with a constellation of seraphon at their side, Heartwood’s clans marched upon the usurpers’ kingdom and, over a bloody decade, reduced it to glittering rubble. (Order 20)

Clans of the Heartwood Glade

  • Clan Gilhead (Paint 16-17), -
  • Clan Gillehad (Legend 487), - Boughmaster Thaark - Lord of House Il'leath, the Wyldwood of Brocelann, an the Head of the Clan - KIA (Legends 474, 486-7). The Clan, lives in the Wyldwood of Brocelann. The center of it's wood, is called the Evergreen. In the center of the Evergreen, is the great Kingstree. It is here, that the soulpods of Clan Gillehad, are nurtured and sprout anew.
  • Clan Verdantia (Order 20), - lost to a Tzeentchian Daemon Lord.

Wyldwood Grove's of the Heartwood Glade

  • Brocelann (Legend 476, 478, 481), - It's enclave at its heart, is called the Evergreen. In the center of it, is it's heartglade called the Kingstree.
  • Ithilia (Legend 487), -
  • Mer'thorn (Legend 487), - It's enclave at its heart, is called the ________. In it's center, it's heartglade "Had once been a menhir, a great, jagged pillar of primordial stone standing tall upon a grassy knoll, thick with moss and carved with swirling heraldry of the enclave's Sylvaneth clan" (Legends 493).

Known members of the Heartwood Glade

  • Treelord Ancients - The Dowager Queen - Queen of Heartwood Glade (Order 25); Boughmaster Thaark - Lord of House Il'leath, the Wyldwood of Brocelann, an the Head of Clan Gillehad- KIA (Legends 474, 486-7); Gillehad Loremaster - of House Il'leath (Legends 486); Whitebark Loremaster - of House Il'leath - he is a knotted silver birch (Legends 486, 488); Thoaken oldest Ancient - of House Il'leath (Legends 486);
  • Treelord - Bitterbough - of House Il'leath (Legends 486); Thenuil - of House Il'leath - he is a redwood (Legends 486);
  • Branchwyches - Nellas the Harvester - of House Il'leath (Legends 473); Llanae - of House Il'leath (Legends 478); Sylanna - of House Il'leath (Legends 478);
  • Branchwraiths -
  • Tree-Revenants - Felyndal - of House Lathrien (Order 15);
  • Kurnoth Hunters -
  • Spite-Revenants - Du'gath - Leader of the Loneroot (Legends 480, 495); Brak - of the Loneroot (Legends 495);


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