A host of Hexwraiths fighting Stormcast Eternals.

Upon ghostly steeds, the Hexwraiths ride straight through their foes, turning blood to ice and snatching souls from screaming warriors. Once knights both proud and cruel, these ethereal killers relive their glory by visiting pain and death upon mortals.[1b]


Hexwraiths, also known as Reaper Knights, they are fell riders astride ghostly steeds. They charge forward illuminated by strange balefires, swinging their eerily glowing scythes in deadly arcs. A single swipe from such a weapon can cut the cord between a soul and its body, allowing it to be claimed by the wielder. The flickering flames that surround Hexwraiths are the smouldering remnants of the spirit-stuff these dread cavalrymen have stolen during their rampages.[1a]

In the past, Hexwraiths rose to haunt battlefields, riding down mortals in order to claim their souls. The spectral riders were often recruited as shock elements into Nagash's undead legions, but since the Shyish necroquake it is in the Nighthaunt processions where the Hexwraiths are most often encountered. Striking hard and fast, they gallop over rivers and through walls to pursue the enemy, their cruel laughter echoing across the battlefield as their terrified foes attempt to flee in vain.[1a]


A unit of Hexwraiths has any number of models, each armed with a Spectral Scythe. They rides atop Skeletal Steeds attack with their Hooves and Teeth.[1b]



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